Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 19, 1996

Hopkins Online

A guide to interesting
sites on the World
Wide Web for members
of the Johns Hopkins
University community.
Present mirth hath present laughter, wrote the poet, but on one of those occasional workdays where nothing seems worth smiling over, why not take a quick side trip to one of many comedy sites on the Web?

You can start right here at Hopkins with the Buttered Niblets, "Hopkins own improv comedy troupe," at Old-timers with a memory for great troupe comedy will no doubt want to check out the Firesign Theater homepage, containing newsgroups, faqs, sound and links. They're at:

A good source for comic links is Comedy Central Online at, while Borderline Netzine, a comedy electronic magazine, can be found at

If it's anecdotes, jokes or a funny article you need to help brighten your day, turn to the Mother of All Humor Archives at

Finally, to witness the inanities, absurdities and foolishness that infects a thousand other offices (but not, of course, our own) consider a visit to The Dilbert Zone at

If laughter is the best medicine, these sites should provide a pharmacological cornucopia of mirth.

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