Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 8, 1996

Hopkins Online

A guide to useful and
interesting sites on the
World Wide Web for
members of the Johns
Hopkins community
One of the great pleasures of the World Wide Web is surfing for diversions. And the English Department has a site that offers both intellectual and aesthetic sideroads off summer's hot, beaten path. Point your browser to JHUniverse, at Point&click on Hot List (a great site for new university homepages, including student organizations), then point&click on Featured sites/ Hopkins English Department Pages.

There you will find--among other things--TOPOI, which features hundreds of links to online resources on English literature and the humanities as well as literary theory. Point&click on Anamnesis and gain access to more than 3,500 poems, essays, novels and treatises of more than 300 authors. Or surf the Film and Media Studies site for great links to movie data bases. You'll also find there a link to emergent online media. The English Department homepage also features a site for information on how to set up your own Web site using HTML.

You can't take the English Department to the beach, but it can help you beat the heat inside.

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