Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 9, 1996

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Minutes of meetings of the Homewood Schools Academic Council are now available by electronic mail.

To subscribe to this automatic service, send an e-mail messsage to the address In the text (not the subject line) of that message, type the command: "subscribe Council_Minutes Your Name." (For example: subscribe Council_Minutes John Doe).

You will receive a reply confirming your subscription and providing additional information about the service. E-mail messages containing meeting minutes will then begin coming to you as soon as they are available.

If you have any trouble subscribing, contact Dennis O'Shea, director of communications and public affairs, at

Minutes of the Homewood Schools Academic Council will continue to be available on JHUniverse at, where all academic divisions of the university are eligible to post their council minutes.

Subscriptions for paper copies of the Homewood minutes are also available. Please send a request through campus mail to the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, 2nd floor, Dell House.

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