Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 16, 1996

Retirements and

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary with the university during August are listed below. Anyone with a question about the staff recognition program should call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at (410)516-6060.


25 years of service
Horton, Harriett E. F., Electrical Engineering
Shipley, Thomas P., Physics and Astronomy

20 years of service
Binko, David, Homewood Computing
Hogan, Mary Dana, Central Purchasing
Humphries, Joseph G., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Karsk, Sharon P., Business Office
King, Raymond A., MSE Library
Lowres, India, Alumni Relations

15 years of service
Dreyfus, Barbara M., Physics and Astronomy
Hamblen, Carolyn R., Hopkins Press
Kennedy, Margaret Bishop, Admissions
Scott, Carolyn Denise, Ombuds Office
Vaulina, Carol A., Auxiliary Enterprises

10 years of service
Barrett, Flossie Y., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Gaeng, John J., SCS/Student Services
Garrity, Natalie S., Hopkins Press
Harrell, Ann Monica, SCS/Career and Life Planning Center
Kalafos, Donna L., Management Information Systems
Lannon, Debra George, Engineering Development
Miller, David R., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Rice, Samuel V., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Somerville, Beverly D., Biology

5 years of service
Booz, William C., Security Services
Collins, Timothy C., Security Services
Flynn, Richard B., Security Services
Gopalan, Periya, Center for Nondestructive Evaluation
Harig, Janine, SCS/Career and Life Planning Center
Ianniello, Mary Carole, Hopkins Union
Jones, Darryl T., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Richelderfer, Charles, Housing Office
Schreter, Sharon R., Internal Audits and Management Services
Tapager, Heather L., MSE Library
Walker, Robin Denning, Accounts Payable
Weggel, Kelly Ann, Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union
West, Linda Marie, Hopkins Press
Wright, Robert L., Security Services

Hygiene and Public Health

20 years of service
Christian, James E., Plant Managers Office

15 years of service
Wiggs, Lavinia S., Lilienfeld Library

10 years of service
Harrison, Denise L., International Health
Speaks, Anna M., International Health

5 years of service
Cappelli, Sharon Ann, Epidemiology
Miller, Alsandria M., Population Communication Services
Mines, Victor, Mail Room
Minotti, Melissa, Epidemiology


35 years of service
Connor, Evelyn J., Medicine
Jay, Dorothy M., Urology

25 years of service
Hermann, Judith A., Medicine
Quaskey, Shirley A., Neurology

15 years of service
Boone, Mervin Boyce, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Borinsky, Mark, Oncology Center
Cromer, Fay Regina, Radiology
Dalrymple, Susan, Oncology
Glisan, Kay, Medicine
Jancuk, Cathy Marie, Biomedical Engineering
Jeffers, Doris Laverne, Pediatrics
Machan, Carol H., Medicine

10 years of service
De Vor, Janet E., Physicians Billing Service
Hauer, Peter Eric, Neurology
Markakis, Diane, Oncology Center

5 years of service
Burns, Timothy, Sponsored Projects Administration
Campbell, Lisa, Oncology Center
Goeller, Helen, Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery
Guo, Xinrong, Ophthalmology
Hackett, Sean F., Ophthalmology
Huesman, Deborah Lynn, Neurology
Johnson, Doris, Clinical Immunology
Kerr, Jennifer, Orthopedic Surgery
Knight, Mildred, Johns Hopkins at Greenspring Station
McCurdy, Anna T., Psychiatry
Metrinko, Florence E., Psychiatry
Nestor, Rita J., Ophthalmology
Pavlat, Wendy A., Oncology


15 years of service
James, Donnell Irvin, Undergraduate Instruction

5 years of service
Jewer, Ann C., Undergraduate Instruction


25 years of service
Nannetti, Sheila, Bologna Center

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