Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 16, 1996

Hopkins Online

A guide to useful and interesting sites on the world Wide Web for members of the Johns Hopkins community.

Two college student-oriented Web sites recently went online:

The Baltimore Collegetown Network, , is the work of a consortium of 22 Baltimore-area colleges and universities--including Hopkins--whose goal is to promote Baltimore as a great city and a great college town. On its pages, browsers can link to the area's colleges, learn about the city's wide range of activities, find out about the local cultural scene, get practical information--like where to go shopping, what's the weather going to be, how to get around--discover where the more than 101,000 college students in Baltimore hang out when they're not in class and keep up with the local sports teams.

There's also a link to The Daily Nose, an e-zine written and maintained exclusively by local students, which highlights what's hot and what's cool about college life in Charm City.

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