Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 23, 1996

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The Welch Library now provides reserved access to UnCover, a database that includes the table of contents of nearly 17,000 journals and covers articles published since the fall of 1988. The database is available free of charge to the Hopkins community through a site license purchased by the Welch Library.

The Hopkins version of UnCover can be reached through either the Welch-Web Gateway at JHMI or from Milton's Web at Homewood.

Point your browser to:

Approximately 53 percent of the database is from Science, Technology and Medicine. Information on the journal holdings of the Welch Medical Library, Applied Physics Laboratory Library and Eisenhower Library will be attached to journal titles. About 76 percent of journal titles owned by Welch are covered in the UnCover database.

Articles in journals not owned by Welch can be ordered directly from UnCover and delivered by fax at the expense of the person making the request. Welch Library cardholders can send e-mail requests to the library's ILL department to acquire articles not in the Welch collection.

The ILL staff will get the article by the most cost-effective means, but it may take up to two weeks to aquire an article. The library will subsidize the cost of any ILL article up to $25. Any fee above that limit must be paid by the borrower.

UnCover's Reveal service lets users select up to 50 journal titles and receive the tables of contents from these journals via e-mail as soon as they are added to the UnCover database (usually at the same time the journals arrive at the newstand).

In 1995, UnCover added topical alerting to Reveal. This feature allows the user to create up to 25 search strategies by author or subject; whenever an article by that author or on that subject is entered in the UnCover database, the citation is e-mailed to the user.

Articles may be ordered from UnCover through reply e-mail. Reveal is an excellent tool for keeping researchers aware of the latest literature in their fields of specialization.

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