Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 2, 1997

Film Crew Careens
Through Homewood
On A "Dead Man's

Baltimore native Dan Rosen began his career in entertainment in front of audiences. As a teen-ager, he started the Charm City Comedy Club, the city's first full-time standup comedy club. After years as club host and a comic on the national comedy circuit, Rosen headed west and parlayed his public notoriety into a behind-the-scenes gig as a film director.

Last month, his Mt. Royal Entertainment company rolled onto the Homewood campus for the first of two days of shooting for his first feature, "Dead Man's Curve," a black comedy about several students who conspire to make their roommate's murder look like a suicide so they can get A's in their courses for that semester.

The film stars China Beach's Dana Delaney and Randall Batinkoff and Teri Russell. Rosen, also shot extensively at Towson University and several other locations around his hometown.

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