Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 29, 1997

Tossing A Party
For Neighbors

When Hopkins' Montgomery County Center threw a party recently for its neighbors, they went off the beaten track a bit. They shied away from static tables filled with applications and course brochures and instead gravitated more toward test-your-knowledge games like "Which Burger Is Contaminated with Mad Cow Disease?" or "How Many Mice Can Be Cloned in an Hour?"

Some 200 employees from the center's 60 neighboring infotech, biotech and financial service companies visited the Montgomery County Center in Rockville last Wednesday for its first "Block Party." Guests went through dozens of interactive booths offered by the center's different part-time graduate school departments, munched on subs and cookies, and became acquainted with the center's facilities and staff.

"We thought a lot of guests would just come in, eat lunch and then leave," said Elaine Amir, the center's director. "But 45 minutes and an hour later, they were still here, poring through the interactive computer programs we had set up and talking to our counselors about our different programs."

Although there's never a bad time to showcase its graduate programs in the schools of Arts and Sciences, Hygiene and Public Health, Continuing Studies and Engineering, Amir said that the real purpose of the party was to let the center's neighbors know that Hopkins' Montgomery County Center is an accessible, friendly and very interesting place.

"We want people to know we're close by. They can drop by during lunch or after work, pick up a catalog or take a class," Amir added.

--Leslie Rice

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