The Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 17, 1998
August 17, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 42


Local Physicians And Johns Hopkins Medicine To Form Community Health Collaboration

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Flagship Health/Physicians Quality Care, a group of 160 community physicians in Central Maryland, and Johns Hopkins Medicine have signed a letter of intent to develop a doctor-controlled, community health collaborative.

Under the terms of the agreement, signed in June, Flagship Health/PQC will become the preferred organization for the development of primary care services in areas not presently served by Johns Hopkins Medicine. Both JHM and Flagship/PQC also will be free to pursue other business opportunities with hospitals and health care facilities, physician groups and insurers. These ventures will be developed within the framework of the new collaborative whenever possible. The new collaborative will be subject to prior hospital and physician agreements.

Dana Frank, president of Flagship/PQC, said, "This unique undertaking came about in response to the needs of community physicians and patients. Many patients want their care delivered locally. Community physicians want control over their practice organizations and the freedom to choose the most appropriate course of patient care. Both groups want to be sure that when a patient's condition is best served by the resources of the world's best hospital, their access to Hopkins and its physicians is easier."

Said Elias Zerhouni, vice dean of the School of Medicine and president of its Clinical Practice Association, "It's not enough simply to talk about the importance of choice for physicians and patients. We have to put in place a tangible mechanism for coordination of care, one which will offer value to payors, patients and providers. Our agreement creates solutions that address patient issues and deliver the right care at the right time, at the right place and at the right cost."