The Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 17, 1998
August 17, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 42


For The Record:
Milestones, Retirements
and Anniversaries

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Staff members who retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university during July 1998 are listed below. For information, call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at 410-516-6060.

Academic Cultural Centers
30 years of service
Smith, Carolyn Lee, MSE Library

10 years of service
Harrington, Brian Grant, MSE Library
Maynard, Rebecca S., IAAY

5 years of service
Garris, Andrea, MSE Library
Kirk, Elizabeth Ellen, MSE Library
Meszler, Leslie B., Mind/Brain Institute
Sapp, Arlene M., Montgomery County Center
York, Cynthia, MSE Library

Arts and Sciences
Mote, Maxine Raines, 22 years, Earth and Planetary Sciences

10 years of service
Abe, Katsuko Esther, Political Science
Becker, Jodi, Biology
Friedman, Scott D., Physics and Astronomy

5 years of service
Bassford, Ruth E., Mathematics
Mackenzie, Margaret J., English
Wescott, Joanne Renee, Economics

Continuing Studies
5 years of service
Torbit, Sharlene, Business Services

20 years of service
Eggleston, Debra S., Chemical Propulsion Information Agency

Homewood Student Affairs
5 years of service
Savage, Vernon T., Counseling and Student Development

Hygiene and Public Health
Vacek, Jeannette C., 15 years, Health Policy and Management

20 years of service
Baliko, Geraldine F., JH Federal Credit Union
Perry, Helen, Epidemiology
Uhl, Kenneth Steven, Maintenance

10 years of service
Burt, Ovedia Ford, Epidemiology
Elliott, Janet, Custodial Services
Hardy, Jane W., Humphrey Fellowship Program
Linehan, Michael J., Plant Operations and Planning
Macri, Kristin K., Environmental Health Sciences
Muhammad, Nadiyah K., Epidemiology
Taylor, Zachary, Custodial Services

5 years of service
Eckert, Karen, Epidemiology
Foster, Tiara, Epidemiology
Sack, Jean C., Population Dynamics

Kinlin, Marlene C., 23 years, Neurosurgery

35 years of service
Bowles, Jerome, Custodial Services

30 years of service
Dlubala, Sharon, Orthopaedic Surgery
Kramer, Florence, Neurology
Lyons, Marcia Barbara, Neurology

25 years of service
Mendeloff, Henry A., Facilities Management
Wright, Glenda M., Pathology

20 years of service
DeAngelis, Catherine, Office of the Dean
Fahnestock, Kenneth, Radiology
Felter, Catherine P., Ophthalmology
Rent, Nancy, Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Silkworth, Irma, Surgery

15 years of service
Cripps, Lynn Ann, Psychiatry
King, Karen Ann, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Miller, James Foster, Sr., Maintenance
Ursin, Frances, Surgery

10 years of service
Bandell, Elizabeth, Ophthalmology
Barber, Carolyn H., General Pediatrics
Capps, Melissa Fales, Medicine
Carpenter, Marcia D., Ophthalmology
Caster, Troy Maurice, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Crowley, Judy, Physicians Billing Service
Dickerson, Camille, Surgery
Doyle, Veronica, Orthopaedic Surgery
Henry, Christopher, Welch Medical Library
Mickle, Starr, Medicine
Reed, Terry Lee, Ophthalmology
Rogic, Roselyn, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Tyson, Betty Ann, Neurosurgery
Washington, Tonya R., Human Resources
Wood, William Howard, III, Medicine

5 years of service
Carmichael, Aledia F., Neuroscience
Casella, Monica Marie, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Chinquina, Ramona Lee, Dermatology
Hawkes, Sherrie A., Oncology Center Services
Hegarty, Robert W., Medicine
Jeter, Mary M., Office of Continuing Education
Johnson, Norma, Medicine
Kalaff, Abdul, Radiology
Kerrigan, Lisa A., Ophthalmology
McWilliams, Juliette Lee, Medicine
Miller, Mary Ellen, Office of Public Affairs
Ossanna, Nina, Industrial Research Liaison
Shepherd, Amber R., Ophthalmology

10 years of service
Tabaka, Richard, Finance and Administration

25 years of service
Quist, Edwin A., Jr., Music Library

20 years of service
Lobingier, Chris, Music Library

15 years of service
Lane, David H., Admissions

10 years of service
Racine, William P., Recording Arts and Sciences

20 years of service
Dixon, Maria Theresa, Financial Aid

10 years of service
Flores, Humberto A., Facilities Management
London, Deryck A., Facilities Management

University Administration
Jones, Peggy A., 21 years, Homewood Human Resources

25 years of service
Carter, Susan Marie, Benefits Administration
Miller, Anthony J., Jr., Management Information Systems
Minter, Audrey F., Office of Special Events

20 years of service
Turner, Thelma M., Housing Department-President Emeritus

10 years of service
Campbell, Stephen M., Facilities Management
Fisher, Leroy, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Hill, Marguerite P., Office of VP for Human Resources

5 years of service
Burger, Paula Phillips, Office of the Provost
Douglas, Thomas E., Security Services
McIntosh, Maggie, Office of Federal Government Relations
Smith, Hayden E., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Townsend, Prest, Plant Operations and Maintenance