The Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 20, 1998
July 20, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 40


For The Record
Retirements And

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Staff members who retired or celebrated an anniversary with
the university during June 1998 are listed below. For
information, call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree
Programs at 410-516-6060.

Academic Cultural Centers

    25 years of service
    Rickert, Penelope White, MSE Library

    20 years of service
    Higgins, Pamela L., MSE Library

    15 years of service
    Dinkel, Harold C., MSE Library

    5 years of service
    Parker, Wayne D., IAAY

Arts and Sciences
    Dreyer, Jane W., 20 years, Near Eastern Studies
    Shipley, Thomas P., 26 years, Physics and Astronomy

    25 years of service
    Hughes, Elizabeth S., History

    20 years of service
    Krach, Joan R., Psychology
    Ruff, William J., Physics and Astronomy

    10 years of service
    Totis, Laura, Biology

    5 years of service
    Grover, Deborah, Psychology

Continuing Studies
    5 years of service
    Krug, Amanda Jo, Montgomery County Center
    Lambdin, Charles A., Jr., Columbia Center

    35 years of service
    Spangler, William J., Civil Engineering

    5 years of service
    Green, Douglas M., Office of the Dean of Engineering

Homewood Student Affairs
    20 years of service
    Gill, Catherine A., Housing Office

    10 years of service
    Earley, Mary Ann, Student Health and Wellness Center

Hygiene and Public Health
    10 years of service
    Castleberry, Sharon Kay, Environmental Health Sciences
    Kight, John J., Maintenance
    Miller, Susan R., Epidemiology
    Swartz, Lee J., Epidemiology

    5 years of service
    Finnell, Brian D., Audio-Visual Services
    Gebhardt, Donna, Office of Research Subjects
    Saba, Walter P., Population Communication Services
    Storey, John Douglas, Population Communication Services
    Vondrasek, Claudia A., Population Communication Services
    Yost, Bethany L., Environmental Health Sciences

Johns Hopkins Press
    5 years of service
    Corrigan, M. Elizabeth, Accounting

    Jackson, Freddie W., 39 years, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

    30 years of service
    Horne, Gerald L., Pathology

    25 years of service
    Matthews, Vendetta A., Neurology

    20 years of service
    Schroll, Barbara R., Medicine

    15 years of service
    May, Betty Jane, Oncology Center Services
    Shinn, Charlotte A., Oncology Hematologic Malignancies
    Tilotta, Anita Michele, Biomedical Information Sciences

    10 years of service
    Burgess, Janice Ann, Medicine
    Caplan, Katherine K., Medicine
    Darcy, Sherry L., Ophthalmology
    Langdon, Jacqueline, Clinical Immunology
    Madden, Lisa A., Pathology
    Mosmiller, Elizabeth Jane, Pathology
    Vogan, Janelle Lee, OB-GYN
    Young, Cynthia, Oncology Hematologic Malignancies
    Young, Patricia A., Urology

    5 years of service
    Alston, Chris, Ophthalmology
    Clark, Rosemary, Oncology
    Devone, Laveda Evelyn, Oncology Center Services
    Gill, Kimberly L., Pathology
    Long, Yu, Biological Chemistry
    Nolt, Karen R., Medicine
    Smith, Deborah C., Orthopaedic Surgery
    Stanger, Christina M., Medicine
    Withers, Teresa, Neurology

University Administration
    25 years of service
    Kellner, Frank P., Jr., Benefits Administration

    20 years of service
    Boan, Dorothy P., Homewood Human Resources
    Butler, Terry S., Plant Operations and Maintenance
    Gobrecht, Chapman, Jr., Paint Shop
    Laney, Dennis C., Plant Operations and Maintenance
    Walker, Billie, Development Fund, Communications

    10 years of service
    Bridges, Jerry G., Office of the Controller
    Burke, Anne Furlong, Homewood House Museum
    Curran, Edgar A., Homewood House Museum
    Moore, Rosanna Manning, Homewood House Museum

    5 years of service
    Bennett, Caroline F., Security
    Williams, Byron P., Security