The Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 8, 1998

September 8, 1998
VOL. 28, NO. 2

Discovering preventive medicine
Obituary: Mary Lou Clements-Mann and Jonathan Mann of Public Health, die in Swissair jetliner crash
United Way campaign sets goal of $1.6 million
Sunlight poses universal risk of cataracts
"Your heart needs exercise, use the stairs"
A place for power snacks
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Welcome to Hopkins
The car ride was over. Their arrival on campus was a moment for students to stretch their legs and take a good look at the area that just weeks ago might have been a distant thought. But a quick look back to the car or van would bring them back to earth: Now it was time to settle in and prepare for a new chapter in their lives.
   On Saturday, Aug. 29, the new Hopkins undergraduates, along with parents and other relatives, converged on the Homewood campus as the class of 2002 moved into their dorm rooms. Full story...

Unusual Web site puts APL on the map
It started as a computing challenge. Working with U.S. Geological Survey elevation data for 60-by-60-mile areas, Ray Sterner (pictured at right) of the Applied Physics Laboratory's Space Department pieced together a black-and-white, 3-D shaded relief map of the United States. That was four years ago.
   Today, working after hours and at home, Sterner presides over a Web page that gives viewers a full-color relief map of the United States and of each individual state. Also, there are a satellite image of each state, links to state-related sites, and viewer-written commentaries on state features such as weather and interesting tourist attractions. And for history buffs, Sterner has thrown in an 1895 state map. Full story...

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