The Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 8, 1998
September 8, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 42


Welcome To Hopkins

The class of 2002 converges on the Homewood campus

By Greg Rienzi
The Gazette

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The car ride was over. Their arrival on campus was a moment for students to stretch their legs and take a good look at the area that just weeks ago might have been a distant thought. But a quick look back to the car or van would bring them back to earth: Now it was time to settle in and prepare for a new chapter in their lives.

President William R. Brody and his wife, Wendy, laced on their rollerblades and donned their personalized Hopkins T-shirts to greet the new undergraduates and their families arriving Saturday, Aug. 29, on the Homewood campus.

On Saturday, Aug. 29, the new Hopkins undergraduates, along with parents and other relatives, converged on the Homewood campus as the class of 2002 moved into their dorm rooms.

Jessie Chaffee and Esther Kim were among the hundreds of Orientation '98 volunteers who helped the new arrivals move into their dorm rooms.

On hand to greet them were university president William R. Brody and his wife, Wendy, who dashed around the cars on rollerblades to shake the hands of parents who would soon be saying goodbye to their children.

The following day, the freshman class gathered at an orientation convocation for an official welcome from President Brody and the Homewood deans.