The Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 14, 1998

September 14, 1998
VOL. 28, NO. 3

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Baltimore, a case study
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United Way campaign to begin
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JHU Press names new director
Most students graduating with a liberal arts degree hope their education prepares them for any sort of job. Jim Jordan's experience not only led to gainful employment but provided him with a professional philosophy, one that has served him well during a 25-year career in publishing.
   Jordan succeeds Willis Regier as director of the Johns Hopkins University Press. When he begins his tenure on Sept. 28, he will bring along a tradition of working closely with scholars. It's a relationship that bloomed during his days as an undergraduate at a small liberal arts college in St. Petersburg, Fla. Full story...

Technology Fellows Program is launched
Faculty members at Hopkins may be experts in their academic fields, but that doesn't guarantee they're wizards with the latest Internet software. Professors who want to enhance their courses with advanced digital technology may need help, and a new university-wide program promises to provide it.
   Hopkins has launched a Technology Fellows Program that will team computer-savvy students with experienced faculty members and electronic resource experts. The goal is to expand existing courses and create new ones by using cutting-edge educational tools, including interactive World Wide Web pages and online discussion groups.
   "We're trying to go beyond what is typically available in the classroom," said Candice Dalrymple, who chairs the university's Subcommittee on Electronic and Distance Education, SEDE, which developed the program. "This might be a perfect opportunity for faculty members and students to get involved in a sustained effort that uses the latest digital technologies to enhance the learning process here." Full story...

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