The Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 21, 1998
September 21, 1998
VOL. 28, NO. 4


Milestones (Retirements and Anniversaries)

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The following staff members retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in August.


15 years of service
Stimpert, James
Kenneth, MSE Library

5 years of service
Hart, Mary Elizabeth, National Foreign Language Center
Maxwell, David E., National Foreign Language Center


10 years of service
Romelfanger, Mary L., Physics &;Astronomy

5 years of service
Dunn, Christopher A., Biology
Jones, Leslie Geneva, CSOS
Lovern, Terri Thomas, CSOS
Patterson, Stephen., Physics &;Astronomy


20 years of service
Swagger, Margaret F., Student Services

5 years of service
Hughes, Colleen K., Information Technology Systems and Support
Williams, Pamela L., Business and Management


20 years of service
Hoffman, Harry J., Chemical Propulsion Information Agency

10 years of service
Tartal, Marianne E., Civil Engineering
Weiner, Carole, Office of the Dean

5 years of service
Fry, Ronald, Chemical Propulsion Information Agency
Steinberg, Sarah B., Part-Time Programs/ Montgomery County Center


10 years of service
Calder, Thomas P., Athletic Center

5 years of service
Beil, Elizabeth R., Counseling and Student Development
Jefferson, Rhonda, Hopkins Union
Smith, Cheryl Lynn, Student Health and Wellness Center


20 years of service
Rinehart, Ward, Population Information

10 years of service
Lee, Yvonne L., Custodial Services
Mungo, Diane, Custodial Services
Reilly, Helen B., Epidemiology
Schafer, Allyn Kay, International Health

5 years of service
Derrick, Pamela W., Business Office
Pettengill, Lisbeth V., Office of Development
Shields, Thomas, Epidemiology


40 years of service
Gordes, Ellen H., Pediatrics

35 years of service
Bonitz, Paula M., Dermatology

30 years of service
Atkinson, Ronald B., Biomedical Engineering
Robinson, Bertha, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Yarbrough, Barbara, Comparative Medicine

20 years of service
Frevel, Barbara Ann, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Gould, Carol Ann, Physiology
Jackson, Ella, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Lee, Shelley J., Custodial Services
Virgil, Donna, Pediatrics
Wright, Marlene Mary, General Pediatrics

15 years of service
Allen, Benjamin Louis, Art as Applied to Medicine
Bell, David A., Welch Medical Library
Hedger, Liddian Rebecca, Ophthalmology
Jakobsen, Kate Gebhart, Psychiatry
Nelson, Karen L., Clinical Immunology

10 years of service
Bryant, Willard F., Jr., Welch Medical Library
Carter, Terrance Terrell, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Davis, Marthann W., Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Gaines-Thomas, Lisa, Medicine
Guarino, Patricia N., Academic Affairs
Harper, Bernadine Frances, Medical Science Training Program
Karczmarek, Victoria, Art as Applied to Medicine
Kinlock, Patricia, Welch Medical Library
Lovejoy, Kathleen Louise, Pediatrics
Magnani, Kristine E., Neurology
Marino, Dawn, Surgery
Pressley, Leah R., Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Stoots, Linda B., Surgery

5 years of service
Baker, Eleanor Dorothy, Medicine
Bao, Clare L., Medicine
Brown, Lisa Denise, Clinical Practice Association
Brzozowski, Grace M., Pediatrics
Crawford, Dale P., Medicine
Crook, Susan M., Ophthalmology
Doll, Warren T., Jr., Ophthalmology
Grant, Mayme Mahilia, Pediatrics
Green, Carla J., Ophthalmology
Heaphy, David P., Office of the Dean
Hemby, Rachael A., Medicine
Hesson, Donna D., Welch Medical Library
Janus, Erik, Medicine
Martin, Elizabeth, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Moore, Alisa, Oncology Center Services
Palmer, Arleeta L., Surgery Peer,
Patricia Lyn, Dermatology
Porter, Tracey L., Ophthalmology
Scott, Amy Ellis, Medicine
Sharpness, Charmaine, Physicians Billing
Thomas, Letitia, Medicine
Wang, Aimin, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Weber, Darlene Weimer, JH Healthcare
Zbylut, Cara, Medicine


10 years of service
Seidl, Carol R., Undergraduate Instruction

5 years of service
Schollenberger, Janet, Graduate Instruction


15 years of service
Zarubick, Fran G., Dean's Office, Preparatory

10 years of service
Dobson, James E., Registrar's Office

5 years of service
Campbell, Rosie E., Maintenance


10 years of service
Kling, Ruth, China Studies

5 years of service
Demery, Helen S., Career Services
Ramos, Ernesto J., Facilities Management
Stover, Gerald W., Human Resources


Higgins, Ormond D., 26 years, Management Information Systems (July 1998)

30 years of service
Sarnecki, Rosemarie, Administrative Computing

25 years of service
Barnes, Geneva Ann, JH Federal Credit Union

20 years of service
Cartwright, Gary R., Central Purchasing
Znovena, Joseph A., Plant Operations and Maintenance

15 years of service
Rice, Vernon A., Plant Operations and Maintenance

10 years of service
De Pasquale, Susan Marie, Johns Hopkins Magazine
Gould, Lindsay T., American Institute of Contemporary German Studies
Jackson, Brenda, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Mitchell, Charles J., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Price, Thomas J., III, Plant Operations and Maintenance
White, Barry Leroy, Audits and Management Services

5 years of service
Davis, Lucinda, Homewood Human Resources
Heasley, Constance A., Homewood Human Resources
Hwang, Jung, Plant Operations and Maintenance