Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 6, 1995

Looking at Baltimore's Past, Today

     Art history professor emeritus Phoebe Stanton, who has been
called the "guardian of Baltimore's architecture," recently spoke
with news producer Sara Pines and photographer Al Storey at the
George Peabody Library for an upcoming segment on the NBC News
Today show. 

     Stanton, who maintains an office at the library, described
the makeup and design of some of Baltimore's neighborhoods, which
she calls "the principal characteristic of this city." Stanton
taught art and architecture from 1965 to 1985 at Hopkins, and now
serves on the city design review panel under the commissioner of
housing and the Architecture Review Board of the Inner Harbor and
downtown areas. An octogenarian, Stanton says she is "working her
head off" on a guidebook of Baltimore architecture; she has no
plans to leave the city.  The Today show plans to broadcast from
Philadelphia before arriving in Baltimore Wednesday, Nov. 8, when
the Stanton interview is scheduled to air. 

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