Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 6, 1995

WJHU Radio Program Notes

     The Marc Steiner Show airs five days a week, from noon to 2
p.m., and features a different guest or topic in each hour.
Guests and topics are subject to change.

     Scheduled for this week:

Monday, Nov. 6
Noon--Robin Miller, Baltimore cab driver and op-ed writer.
1 p.m.--A discussion of viruses with Robin Marantz Henig.

Tuesday, Nov. 7
Noon--To be announced.
1 p.m.--Rabbi Daniel Gordis on American Judaism.

Wednesday, Nov. 8
Noon--Sister Kathleen Feely on special education in Baltimore.
1 p.m.--To be announced.

Thursday, Nov. 9
Noon--Author Julian Barnes.
1 p.m.--To be announced.

Friday, Nov. 10
Noon--To be announced.
1 p.m.--Local news roundup with Marilyn McCraven.

     The Lisa Simeone Show airs every Sunday at 10 a.m. The
hourlong program features conversations and interviews with
provocative thinkers and newsmakers and includes weekly
commentary by Hopkins professor and media critic Mark Crispin

     WJHU can be heard at 88.1 FM.

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