Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 27, 1995

In Memoriam...

     Shock and sadness settled over the Krieger School of Arts
and Sciences in May when news came that Christopher Ostrowski,
three weeks shy of his 22nd birthday and two months short of his
second anniversary as the academic program assistant in the
school's Division of Part-time Graduate Programs, had been killed
in a head-on car crash on his way to work. 

     Shortly after his funeral, friends and colleagues began to
discuss ways to establish in his memory a fitting tribute on
campus. Elke Franke, the program director and Ostrowski's
supervisor, suggested a "Chris tree." On Friday, Nov. 17, a young
oak and a plaque were dedicated at the northeast corner of
Mergenthaler Hall.

     "This tree reminds us of who Chris was and that he is still
growing," Franke said at the early morning ceremony, which
attracted more than 50 people, including his parents. Carol
Burke, associate dean for academic affairs, remembered Ostrowski
as a tireless worker who had incredible patience, tremendous
generosity and a lively spirit. Ed Warfield, former director of
Homewood's personnel office--where Ostrowski's mother, Joan, has
worked for six and a half years--hoped that the tree will bring
them comfort as it blossoms and grows tall and strong.

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