Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 27, 1995

Milestones: Retirements and Anniversaries

     Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year
anniversary with the university last month are listed below.
     Anyone with a question about the staff recognition program
should call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at

     Pasram, Harry, 10 years, Housing

45 years of service
     Fetsch, Mary Jane, Board of Trustees

25 years of service
     Hollifield, John H., Jr., CSOS

20 years of service
     Bessman, Zita G., Biology 

15 years of service
     Dysart, Robert J., MSE Library 
     Harris, Deborah C., Administrative Computing
     Moody, Jesse L., Central Purchasing

10 years of service
     Bouton, Lauretta, Chemical Engineering 
     Dang, Hung T., Plant Operations & Maintenance
     Hersperger, Evelyn K., Biology 
     Hill, Donna A., Budget Office
     Posner, Patricia Anne, Human Resources

5 years of service
     Allen, Joanne S., JHU Press
     Anikis, Anne, Physics & Astronomy
     Asman, Gregory G., Homewood Computing
     Bisby, John P., Power Plant
     Branch, Christopher, Plant Operations & Maintenance
     Czarnowsky, Lora L., JHU Press
     Fleming, Diane Claire, Admissions 
     Fleming, T. Sandra, JHU Press
     Forland, Inger M., JHU Press
     Gray, Latonya, MSE Library 
     Henry, Lenora, SCS/Student Services
     Izbicki, Thomas M., MSE Library 
     James, David Willis, MSE Library 
     Lai, Mei-ling, Biophysics 
     Lane, Eva H., SCS/Downtown Center
     Nizer, Ann B., Human Resources
     O'Shea, Dennis, News & Information
     Prime-Monaghan, Ann G., SCS/Student Affairs
     Stokes, Renaldo Carlos, Plant Operations & Maintenance
     Walton, Geraldine H., Plant Operations & Maintenance
     Webb, David A., Homewood Computing
     Weiner, Martha Rebecca, Internal Audits & Management

Hygiene and Public Health
20 years of service
     Geronimo, Adoracion M., Population Dynamics

15 years of service
     Betz, Denise R., Registrar's Office
     Reintzell, Diane M., Health Policy & Management
     Smith, Annie L., Health Policy & Management

10 years of service
     Bowie, Ronald R., Human Resources
     Chiveral, Mark W., Biostatistics 
     Dale, Mary-Jo, Health Policy & Management
     Fosque, Teresa, Public Affairs
     Thompson, Theresa, Federal Credit Union
     Washington, Shellery A., Custodial Services

5 years of service
     Adams, Sandra G., American Journal of Epidemiology
     Blair, Martin F., International Health
     Boykin, Rochelle Nichol, Financial Aid 
     Coleman, Mack, Custodial Services
     DiSilvestre, Deborah A., Environmental Health Sciences
     Eisinger, Stephen Ward, Immunology & Infectious Diseases
     Mannix, Mary Katherine, Lilienfeld Library
     McCullough, Michelle S., Epidemiology 
     Murray, Cheryl, Custodial Services
     Nanni, Angeline, Epidemiology 
     Papapavlou, Chrisanthe, Biochemistry
     Schlegel, Jane, Immunology & Infectious Diseases
     Weiss, Roberta, Epidemiology 

30 years of service
     Ragsdale, Willie N., Radiology 

20 years of service
     Adams, Robert, Neurology
     Marin, Joan W., Safety/Radiation Control
     Simmons, Yarvis A., Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine

15 years of service
     Danko, Katharine Mulle, Welch Medical Library
     Fleming, Chunyea, Neurology
     Hill, Mark G., Laboratory Animal Medicine
     Schenning, Sherrie M., Ophthalmology 

10 years of service
     Clarke, John, Welch Medical Library
     Clough, David, Radiology 
     Dauses, Regina J., Welch Medical Library
     Dukissis, Frances R., Archives
     Edmonds, Linda M., Welch Medical Library
     Goldsborough, Frances L., Surgery 
     Ingram-Church, Renee Y., Ophthalmology 
     Marshall, Carole, Medicine
     Sulak, Carol A., Medicine
     Vrooman, Joyce A., OB-GYN
     Watson, Samuel Davis, Jr., Maintenance
     Young, Carlisa Ann, Radiology 

5 years of service
     Abraham, Meena Robin, Psychiatry
     Benvengi, Katherine G., Pediatrics
     Bolch, Kelly A., Physicians Billing Service
     Finley, Paige, Radiology 
     Fortier, Jennifer H., Physicians Billing Service
     Harlee, Denita Yvonne, Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
     Haulk, Thomas L., Jr., Oncology 
     Keible, Lynn, Pediatrics 
     Kolish, Kathleen Marie, Biophysics 
     Kreps, Billie Jo, Medicine
     Libonate, Gina M., Molecular Biology & Genetics 
     McDowell, Darcenia, Molecular Biology & Genetics 
     Parkent, Karen Louise, Office of the Dean
     Phillips, Christine A., Medicine
     Pyzik, Paula Lee, Pediatrics
     Rexroad, Cheryl Denise, Industrial Research
     Roth, Shelva Jean, Continuing Education
     Schwab, Donna Louise, Orthopedic Surgery
     Seiden, Jan E., Neurology
     Sluss, Gordon J., Maintenance
     Uher, Joseph F., Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
     Weaver, Catherine E., Art as Applied to Medicine
     Weber, Tina Marie, Clinical Immunology
     Williams, Karen E., Neurology
     Yang, Min, Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine

15 years of service
     Amrhein, Stephen J., Director's Office

5 years of service
     Nicholls, Nancy W., Registrar's Office

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