Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 16, 1995

Milestones: Retirements and Anniversaries

Shaw, William A., 18 years, Housing Office

30 years of service
Day, Furman, Housing Office 

25 years of service
Warrington, Melissa K., MSE Library 

20 years of service
Baraz, Cem, Johns Hopkins Club
Nicks, Earnest I., JHU Post Office
Slavin, Robert, CSOS

15 years of service
Barnett, Linda B., CTY 
Gaskins, Carolyn D., MSE Library 
Hildebrand, Rita Marie, Registrar's Office
Kane, Mark, Physics & Astronomy
Kleeman, Frances Alice, JHPIEGO 
Letsch, Kathleen K., French Department
McCarron, Katherine H., Homewood Human Resources

10 years of service
Biglari, Nancy L., Payroll
Bredbenner, Lee P., Plant Planning
Farnish, Anna Marie, CSOS
Lancaster, Delores Jean, JHU Press
Pasram, Harry, Housing Office 
Rhyner, Jane Gentil, Hopkins Union 
Riley, Joanne M., Homewood Computing Facility
Rose, Frank Wayne, Plant Operations & Maintenance
Savage, Frederick G., Office of V.P. & General Counsel
Witherspoon, Betty, Johns Hopkins Club

5 years of service
Brant, Joseph F., Facilities Management
Bright, Patricia S., Office of the Vice President & Secretary
Bularz, Mary E., CTY
Cole-Fleet, Melva, Security Services
Galloway, Anne M., Development Fund 
Goodwin, Kimberly Anne, Admissions 
Holmes, Charles P., Physics & Astronomy
Mangels, Andrew P., General Accounting
McNair, Brian Terrell, MSE Library 
Monahan, Barbara E., Plant Planning
Ricks, Nancy J., JHU Press
Stifler, Ellen K., MSE Library 
Williams, Paula Penelope, Sponsored Research Office
Zhu, Xun, Earth & Planetary Sciences

Nos, Charlotte R., 11 years, Federal Credit Union

30 years of service
Buckley, Carol Ann, International Health 

25 years of service
Daniels, James E., Plant Managers Office 

15 years of service
Case, Patricia, Epidemiology 
Ottey, Barbara J., Office of the Dean
Rogers, Cynthia Ann, Environmental Health Sciences

10 years of service
Collison, Betty, Epidemiology 
Shaw, Cynthia K., Population Communication Services

5 years of service
DeMoss, Jane Ann, Federal Credit Union
Downing, Sharon E., Sponsored Projects 
McCullough, Christopher, Sponsored Projects 
Nanda, Joy P., Maternal & Child Health 
Nelson, Diane Tulkoff, Population Communication Services
O'Connor, Karen Ann, Sponsored Projects 

Grove, Glen W., 24 years, Art as Applied to Medicine
Webster, Carolyn B., 22 years, Neurology

35 years of service
Averella, Tina, Welch Medical Library

30 years of service
Pryor, Joan, Gynecology-Obstetrics

25 years of service
Edwards, Janis J., Interdepartmental Activity
McCann, Minnie E., Biomedical Engineering
Norman, Stella L., Medical Practice Plan 

20 years of service
Brooker, Agnes, Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
Grudzien, Debra D., Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
Klein, Viiu Ann, Biological Chemistry
Langbaum, Terry S., Interdepartmental Activity
Lee, Sylvia A., Laboratory Animal Medicine
Piorunski, Michael E., Ophthalmology 

15 years of service
Behrens, Debbie L., Physicians Billing Service
Pearce, Barbara, Medicine
Ryder, Linda Jean, Surgery 

10 years of service
Devlin, Jeanette S., Continuing Education
Felch, Linda, Psychiatry
Finecey, Deborah L., Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery
Gallagher, Tammy L., Medicine
Liggins, Angela Y., Oncology 
Ragan, Rita G., Neuroscience
Ross, Deborah Lynn, Orthopedic Surgery
Shifflett, Donna, Physicians Billing Service
Taylor, Donna Jean, Surgery 
Wankel, Loretta Ann, Pediatrics 
Young, Frances Christi, Orthopedic Surgery

5 years of service
Alston, Darlene Michelle, Psychiatry
Beck, Stephen, Surgery 
Booser, Roxann D., Urology
Cavaliere, Carin M., Psychiatry
Chios, Nicolette M., Psychiatry
Crosby, Carolyn Denise, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Helwig, Kathleen, Oncology 
Johnson, Jacqueline H., Physicians Billing Service
Ketchum, Catherine M., Psychiatry
Linehan, Michelle P., Pediatrics 
Linton, Melanie Nate, University Health Service
Miller, Kathleen, Medicine
Packham, Linda L., Pediatrics
Palardy, Carol Beth, Ophthalmology 
Pope, Angela, Clinical Immunology
Porter, Jacqueline, Clinical Immunology
Reddish, Dexter T., Physicians Billing Service
Ritter, Jacklyn, Ophthalmology 
Sigler, Lisa Ann, Psychiatry
Simmons, Raymond S., III, Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
Stark, Claude Russell, Maintenance
Wilkins, Linda J., Radiology 

10 years of service
Ruof, Jeannine M., Registrar/Financial Aid Office

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