Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 16, 1995

An Appreciation:
Ed Roulhac Returning To Former Post

     It seemed like a retirement party. A buffet and wine
reception in the Glass Pavilion. A gathering of well-wishing
deans, administrators, faculty, staff and friends. A gift.
Heartfelt comments from the vice president.

     But for Edgar Roulhac, the party was not to celebrate his
leaving but rather his returning. After serving as the
university's interim vice president for human resources for the
past year following the departure of Jimmy Jones, Roulhac will
return to his role as vice provost for academic services. 

     So why the party?

     "It's unusual to have an opportunity to thank someone for a
job well done without having to say goodbye," said Eugene
Sunshine, the university's senior vice president for
administration. "For that we are thankful, because Ed didn't just
hold down the fort, he made tremendous progress on a lot of human
resources fronts."

     Sunshine then presented Roulhac with a pewter humidor.
     Roulhac, who has been an administrator at Hopkins since
1978, thanked Sunshine and then Provost Joseph Cooper for lending
him out for the year. And he expressed his great appreciation to
the staffs at the Montgomery County, Washington and Columbia
centers--which Roulhac oversees as vice provost--for their
support during the year and for their hard work at maintaining
and moving forward the three centers.

     After a few days off, Roulhac will return to the Provost's
Office on Oct. 16. Audrey Smith, the new vice president of human
resources, arrives Nov. 1.

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