Johns Hopkins Gazette: December 9, 1996 Form

In Quotes

"AIDS kills children just like it kills adults."

Nancy Hutton, assistant professor of pediatrics, Children's Center, in the Dec. 3 San Diego Union-Tribune, on wanting drug companies to test new AIDS medicines in children as soon as they test adults.

"Almost everybody's dead. At least everybody I know."

Bill Fastie, research professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, in the Dec. 3 edition of The Sun, on his retirement from the university later this month.

"It just made our eyes bulge thinking about the prospects."

Hal Weaver, a research scientist in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, in the Nov. 2 issue of New Scientist, on the prospects of observing Comet Hale-Bopp early next year.

"They need some encouragement to use their own technology."

Stephen Teret, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy Research, in the Nov. 27 Boston Globe, on gun manufacturer Smith and Wesson's historical experience making a "child-proof" gun.

"When doctors ask us questions, we try to tell the truth, but it doesn't quite come out that way."

Cynthia Rand, associate professor of medicine, pulmonary/critical care, in the Nov. 25 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer, on the problems associated with providing data gathered from people's reports of their own behavior.

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