Johns Hopkins Gazette: December 16, 1996 Form

For The Record

NSF Provides
Career Grants
To Three Hopkins
Faculty Members
Three assistant professors at Hopkins were among 346 faculty members nationwide who received Faculty Early Career Development grants from the National Science Foundation during fiscal 1996. The awards, which provide funding over four to five years, were established to help scientists and engineers develop their research and teaching skills early in their academic careers. The 1996 honorees were chosen from more than 1,800 applicants.

The Hopkins recipients were Bertrand Garcia-Moreno, an assistant professor of biophysics who studies the molecular basis of stability and folding of proteins; Louis Whitcomb, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering who is researching the unified nonlinear dynamics and control of robot systems; and Denis Wirtz, an assistant professor of chemical engineering, who set up a research and teaching program in complex fluid dynamics.

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