Johns Hopkins Gazette: December 16, 1996 Form

For The Record:
Retirements and

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary with the university during November are listed below. Anyone with a question about the staff recognition program should call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at (410)516-6060.


25 years of service
Higgins, Ormond D., Management Information Systems
Moses, Mabel, Johns Hopkins Club
Price, James C., Housing Office

20 years of service
Kramer, Patricia Lee, Design and Publications
McMaines, Ella Mae, JHU Press
Valentine, Lamona R., Accounts Payable

15 years of service
Beyer, Paul N., Central Purchasing
Bounsynhavong, Sone P., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Finnen, Lisa Lyn, Administrative Computing

10 years of service
Fowlkes, Elaine, Johns Hopkins Club
Hale, Dawn L., MSE Library
Hawkins, Lawrence J., Jr., SCS/Division of Education
Moylan, Jan Elizabeth, SCS/Downtown Center
Porsella, Kathy B., SCS/Evergreen Society
Tsemach, Shaul, Johns Hopkins Magazine

5 years of service
Brockman, Brenda Joyce, Office of the President
Johnson, Bobby, Johns Hopkins Club
Schaefer, Lois Ann, JHPIEGO
Stewart, Linda Joye, SCS/Division of Education
Tsvetanov, Zlatan Ivanov, Physics and Astronomy

Hygiene and
Public Health

Rutledge, Ann H., 25 years, Maternal and Child Health

10 years of service
King, Florence, Custodial Services
Langlois, Philippe F., Population Communication Services
Rooney, Brian, Environmental Health Sciences

5 years of service
Barnes, Chelee C., Population Communication Services
George, Shirley, Epidemiology
Harris, Denos O., International Health
Howard, Samilya, International Health
Labbe, Joanne Marie, Health Policy and Management


Wilkerson, Fannie, 24 years, Pathology

25 years of service
Murrell, Madleen, Radiology

20 years of service
Abrams, Susan L., History of Medicine
Enders, Nancy C., Dermatology
Lasseter, Virginia K., Psychiatry

15 years of service
Clem, Barbara A., Physicians Billing
Gill, Theodosia, Urology
Lawrence, Nancy E., Radiology
Nichols, Pamela E., Office of the Dean
Prioleau, Hazel, Medicine
Riepe, Anne S., Medicine

10 years of service
Labuda, Diane K., Office of the Dean
Long, Patricia Peck, Pathology
McCubbin, Sherry A., Physicians Billing
Neal, Zina B., University Health Service
Olver, Elizabeth Ann, Medicine
Wilcox, Beth Marie, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

5 years of service
Hubbard, Leslie A., Neurology
Langer, Arlette Denise, Ophthalmology
Lee-Gordon, Melissa, Physicians Billing
McCann, Donna Haines, Student & House Staff Services
McFarland, Michele M., Pediatrics
Moeller, Timothy A., Neuroscience
Papapavlou, Maria, Neuroscience
Senaveratna, Kimberly C., OB-GYN
Smith, Debra Denise, Custodial Services
Stainback, Mary J., Greenspring Station
Viscarra, Jose L., Maintenance
Wlajnitz, Tami E., Urology
Zhang, Xiaorong, Neurology


10 years of service
Lambert, Barbara A., Dean's Office

5 years of service
Herzing, Tracy J., Human Resources

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