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Work And Family
Task Force Wants
Your Comments

In May 1995, the university convened a conference, coordinated by WORKlife Programs, entitled Work and Family in the 21st Century. At that time, it was announced that a task force would be formed to follow up on the recommendations of the conference groups. The Work and Family Task Force (WFTF) was convened in January 1996 by Audrey Smith, vice president for human resources.

Members of the WFTF would be interested in hearing from the university community. The WFTF has a Web page that contains the charge to the task force and each of the subcommittees, a list of task force members and a response form. The address is http://www. and the e-mail address is

Listed below is the general charge given to each subcommittee to relate to their specific interest area (work structure, benefits, faculty and staff issues, and dependent care). You may use this to guide your comments.

    a. assess and identify the concerns of your interest area and the implications of these concerns for the university

    b. assess and identify the implications of diversity (a slowly growing workforce that is increasingly female, racially and ethnically diverse, aging, and more in need of basic skills) in considering your interest area

    c. identify the underlying balance and tension between institutional and personal values regarding your interest area

    d. make specific written recommendations for what the university should consider doing the same or differently in the future; and provide your best sense of the priority of your recommendations

You can also contact the task force by faxing your comments and suggestions to WORKlife Programs at (410)516-6609 or by calling the Work and Family Task Force voice mail at (410)516-6702.

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