Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 4, 1996 Form

Computer Technology
Meets Classroom

SEDE: The future of
computer technology
in the classroom was
on display last week
at Homewood.

An estimated 250 faculty and staff from across the university converged on the Homewood campus's Bloomberg Center for Physics and Astronomy Oct. 24 to learn more about the ways computers and communications technology can enhance learning. Ten demonstrations and 18 poster sessions from every academic division showed something of the scope of electronic experimentation now under way at the university.

The half-day symposium, titled "The Writing is on the Monitor: Technology and the Future of Hopkins Education," was sponsored by the Subcommittee on Electronic and Distance Education. It brought an array of faculty members together to exchange ideas and show examples of new technologies put to use in improving teaching.

University president William R. Brody welcomed the crowd, indicating his strong support for further efforts along the same lines, and declaring himself "an academic venture capitalist" in search of innovative programs to support.

Provost Steven Knapp announced a second round of SEDE minigrants to encourage the development and use of technology in teaching. Applications for the grants, which range from $2,000 to $10,000, must be submitted no later than Dec. 15. For further information, contact Elizabeth Mayotte at (410) 290-1777 or

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