Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 18, 1996 Form

For The Record:

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary with the university during October are listed below. Anyone with a question about the staff recognition program should call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at (410)516-6060.


20 years of service

Leopold, Helen C., Student Loans

15 years of service

Dean, Deborah, JHPIEGO
Hybl, Lois G., CSOS
Kim, Hyu-Pae, Housing

10 years of service

Ashwood, David A., Facilities Management
Eggleston, Angela W., Budget Office
Hicks, Cheryl, Johns Hopkins Club
Kilburg, Richard R., Human Services
Letts, Elaine B., JHU Press
McPherson, Sarah, Center for Technology and Education
Rice, Laura Burton, CSOS

5 years of service

Carey, Pamela H., Admissions
Daub, Sally A., Development Fund
Davis, John Lathrop, Facilities Management
Friend, Richard Alan, Cost Analysis
Gagnon, Greg, MSE Library
Hellerman, Susan B., CTY
Shinsky, Dawn L., Auxiliary Enterprises
Wild, Yvonnne C., Sociology
Wilson, Amanda, Center for Training and Education

Hygiene and
Public Health

20 years of service

Aparentado, Rodolfo, Population Information

15 years of service

Wharton, Flora A., Financial Aid

10 years of service

Cohn, Sylvia, Epidemiology
Jackson, Valerie, International Health
Nashio, Yolanda, International Health
Ramirez, Elvia R., Epidemiology

5 years of service

Barker, Bonnie, Epidemiology
Cates, Jeanette M., Custodial Services
Clark, Shirley, Custodial Services
Duggins, Marshall R., Plant Manager's Office
Schroeder-Thomas, Cheryl, Epidemiology
Williams, Suprena D., Support Services



Brown, Delores, 11 years, Oncology
Diacumakos, Basil G., 19 years, Maintenance
Summers, Virginia, 13 years, Medicine

35 years of service

Smith, Mabel P., Pathology

30 years of service

Daley, Leonard, Psychiatry
Gasiorowski, Phyllis, Medicine
Hester, Rosa, Laboratory Animal Medicine

25 years of service

Crisostomo, Gloria Y., Pathology
Isaacs, Mary Ann, Medicine

20 years of service

Anuzis, Kathleen N., Biological Chemistry
Ho, Angella Chin-Feng, Dermatology
Lund, Sandra Jane, Oncology

15 years of service

Figueroa, Brenda, Biological Chemistry
Hoker, Elizabeth, Oncology
Teufer, Virginia L., Facilities Management
Wyatt, Mary Ellen, Development Services

10 years of service

Brewer, Trudy C., Physicians Billing
Brooks, Denise Marie, Physicians Billing
Comegys, Beverly, Office of the Dean
Kasch-Semenza, Laura M., Medicine
Mattheu, Madeline, Clinical Immunology
Shanks, Michael, Cell Biology and Anatomy
Tian, Yan, Ophthalmology

5 years of service

Andrews, Scott, Maintenance
Bell, Latonya, Surgery
Brown, Herman Curtis, Custodial Services
Brown, Norman, Maintenance
Cox, Jane Ann, Custodial Services
Crawford, Kelly V., Oncology
Crenshaw, Benjamin R., Jr., Medicine
Drummond, Annie Doris, Custodial Services
Hamilton, Dorothy B., Custodial Services
Han, Sung M., Neurology
Johnson, Thelma Bernice, Custodial Services
Kearney, Yolanda, Neurology
Lord, Carolyn Rice, Pediatrics
Meeker, Sonya, Clinical Immunology
Morin, Joan, Urology
Ord, Sarah, Oncology Center Services
Porter, Stephanie, Oncology
Rigsby, Winston, Maintenance
Robertson, Patricia, Physicians Billing
Rosier, Paula D., Surgery
Shatzer, John Howard, Jr., Admissions
Simpson, Jennifer C., Surgery
Smith, Percy, Oncology
Spelman, Jeffrey P., Comparative Medicine
Spruill, Jimmy, Medicine
Thompson, Paul Mark, Maintenance
Wheeler, Barbara A., Orthopedic Surgery



Spencer, Jean T., 12 years, Business Office
(retired Sept. 1996)

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