Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 21, 1996 Form

For The Record:
Do You Have Questions
About The Americans
With Disabilities Act?

The Johns Hopkins University ADA Task Force is an institution-wide team appointed to provide information, planning and decisions regarding ADA. The task force functions through work groups that address specific ADA issues and are available to answer questions, as follows:

General inquiries

Gloria Bryan, (410)955-2585
Senior Director, Human Resources
School of Medicine
1830 E. Monument Street, Suite 2-100

Bargaining unit

Donald McEvoy, (410)516-8661
Senior Director, Human Resources Administration
617N Wyman Park Building, Homewood


Glenn Cartaxo, (410)516-7770
Director, Benefits Administration
633N Wyman Park Building, Homewood


Brendan Donegan, (410)516-8064
Director, Design and Construction Services
Office of Facilities Management
The Greenhouse, Homewood

Laws, job descriptions forms, documents, employment

Patty Friend, (410)516-8128
Assistant General Counsel
Office of the General Counsel
113 Garland Hall, Homewood

Medical examination/worker's compensation

Edward Bernacki, (410)955-9213
Director, Health, Safety & Environment
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
131 Billings Administration


Godfrey Nelson, (410)955-5333
Vice President of Parking & Transportation
Broadway Services, Inc.
1504 Joh Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 21227


Patricia A. Day, (410)516-0440
Senior Director, Human Resources
617N Wyman Park Building, Homewood

Safety and environmental health

James Henry, (410)516-8798
Fire and Safety Officer
Office of Safety and Environmental Health
103 Macaulay Hall, Homewood


D. Lynn O'Neil, (410)516-7232
Student Employment and Payroll
Merryman Hall, Lower Level, Homewood

Transportation, communication, accommodations, parking/Homewood

Yvonne Th‚odore, (410)516-8075
Affirmative Action Officer and
University Coordinator of Disability Services
205 Garland Hall, Homewood

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