Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 21, 1996 Form

For The Record:
University's Work
And Family Task
Force Needs Your

In May 1995, the university convened a conference, coordinated by Worklife Programs, titled "Work and Family in the 21st Century." At that time, it was announced that a task force would be formed to follow up on the recommendations of the conference groups. The Work and Family Task Force was convened in January of 1996 by Audrey Smith, vice president of human resources.

While the need to assist our faculty and staff as they attempt to balance their home and personal lives is essential, ways to provide support to working families are open to discussion. To ensure that dialogue occurs, the Work and Family Task Force has a Web page to obtain input from the university community. It contains the charge to the task force and each of the subcommittees, a list of task force members, information about the subcommittees and a response form for feedback from the university community.

The address is The e-mail address is All members of the university are invited to provide feedback on the Web page or by e-mail. Your thoughts and opinions would be helpful to the task force as it continues its deliberations.

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