The Johns Hopkins Gazette: December 15, 1997
Dec. 15, 1997
VOL. 27, NO. 15


For The Record:

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Staff members who retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university during November are listed below. For information, call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at 410- 516-6060.


5 years of service
Dickerson, Aimee L., JHPIEGO
Diepold, Cynthia A., IAAY


35 years of service
Biggley, William H., Biology

15 years of service
Hipley, Shirley Elizabeth, History

10 years of service
Lessman, Kathleen M., Office of the Dean


10 years of service
Deyo, Jacqueline M., Downtown Center

5 years of service
Polites, Angeline, Division of Education


5 years of service
Elderkin, Maureen M., Human Resources


15 years of service
Cole, Milton Thomas, Sponsored Research Office
Donahue, Jo Ann, Counseling and Student Development Center
Ratajczak, Rose M., Business Management

10 years of service
Dorman, Lisa Marie, Homewood Computing
Handley, Hugh Dudley, Housing
Park, Wu Hyun, Housing

5 years of service
Chrissomalis, Irene, Student Financial Services


25 years of service
Rabold, Richard T., Environmental Health Sciences

20 years of service
Schneider, Sandra F., International Health

15 years of service
Pone, Crystal, Population Information Office
Vacek, Jeannette C., Health Policy and Management

10 years of service
Burman, Frances Sarah, Epidemiology
Campbell, Bruce Alan, Research Administration
Gaztanaga, Susan J., Population Communication Services
Jones, Ineda, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

5 years of service
Haebler, Cynthia L., Finance and Administration
Klein, Catherine, Health Policy and Management
Mehdi, Subhi, Institute for IntPrograms


Retiree Downey, Doris W., 17 years, Physicians Billing Service

30 years of service
Blake, Lawrence A., Welch Medical Library

25 years of service
Jackson, Deborah C., Development Services

20 years of service
Carson, Kathryn Anne, Neurology
Lawson, Connie, Ophthalmology

15 years of service
Christy, Glory D., Medicine
Flumbaum, Alice Reid, Ophthalmology
Lease, John Joseph, Clinical Practice Assoc.

10 years of service
Coccia, Carol F., Neurology
Eckert, Susan V., Pediatrics
Gradison, Lillian O., Custodial Services
Hentges, Therese E., Medicine
Kuchan, Richard W., Welch Medical Library
Simpson, Georgia, Neurology
Suttka, Kathy, Oncology
Trabilsy, David M., Registrar's Office
Vindivich, Donald, Urology
Vladut-Talor, Monica, Pathology
Zaferes, Mary K., Physicians Billing Service
Zaferes, Steven R., Radiology

5 years of service
Boyle, Marcia L., Ophthalmology
Clark, Laura Riley, Medicine
Grosskopf, Amy L., Surgery
Kling, Bonnie S., Ophthalmology
McDearmon, Gloria, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Rogers, Theresa, Oncology
Simon, Deborah, Oncology Center Services
Taylor, Jerry Lee, Safety and Radiation Control
Tesoro, Mark, Neurology
Trachta, Janet, Surgery
Trombetti, Lori M., Physicians Billing Service
Yang, Junming, Ophthalmology


10 years of service
Mooney, Laura T., Library Services


Troska, Maria, 22 years, Administrative Computing

25 years of service
Burton, Elizabeth, The Johns Hopkins Club

20 years of service
Thorpe, Dale A., Security Services

15 years of service
Guariglia, Barbara Ann, Administration

10 years of service
Ratajczak, Edward A., Homewood Museum
Silesky, Bobbi Lee, Office of the President

5 years of service
Dorsey, Susan Elaine, Development and Alumni Relations
Field, Peder Michael, Office of the President
Harrison, Wilson S., Management Information Systems
Kennison, Deborah K., Office of Alumni Relations
McCourt, Barbara A., Development and Alumni Relations
Neal, Tonya C., Audits and Management Services
Schuerholz, Tracey Anne, Security Services
Streib, Renee M., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Wilkes, Melvin E., The Johns Hopkins Club