The Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 30, 1998

Nov. 30, 1998
VOL. 28, NO. 13

IPS gets welfare-to-work grant
The winter militia readies for action
At APL's Building 12, natural gas cars are ready to roll
"New Yorker" writer gives Kent Memorial Lecture
James Neal named dean of university libraries
Gulotta honored as scholar athlete of the week
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Master of the mind field
If the best mind doctors of the 20th century have, at last, outlived psychiatry's magical times and the tyranny of ideologues, then the future will be far kinder to Paul McHugh.
   The pugnacious Bostonian is characteristically optimistic.
   As chief of Psychiatry at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, McHugh recently passed the high-water mark of a thrillingly public, often contentious career-long campaign against psychiatric pomp and doctrinal influences. Never one to shrink from skewering the cults of Freud and Jung or bow to the post-modern cant of an amorphous discipline, he is at the crest of his profession. The controversies he once embraced have now left him thriving at a new level of imminence. Full story...

Environmental engineers unravel "evaporation paradox"
Scientists studying global warming in recent years have found much data in support of this trend: Temperature, precipitation, stream flow and cloud cover records all indicate that warmer, rainier weather is now more common in many regions of the world. But one set of figures has left them baffled: the readings from the simple metal pans used to measure evaporation at weather stations. They indicate that less moisture has been rising back into the air from these pans.
   How, some scholars have asked, could there be less evaporation when more rain and snow are falling?
   This puzzle has been dubbed the "evaporation paradox." But a solution has surfaced. Full story...

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