The Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 19, 1998
Oct. 19, 1998
VOL. 28, NO. 8



Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The following staff members retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in September:

35 years of service
Blouse, Ann R., JHPIEGO

25 years of service
Frazier, P. Jacqulyn, JHPIEGO

20 years of service
Knox, Bertha L., MSE Library

15 years of service
Owen, Patricia, IAAY

10 years of service
Reynolds, Benjamin J., IAAY
Slingluff, Deborah, MSE Library
Stork, Elizabeth J., IAAY

5 years of service
Atkinson, Anne W., JHPIEGO
Moore, Vicki A., IAAY


35 years of service
Vansant, Marguerite, Chemistry

25 years of service
Semo, Nora Martha, Biology

15 years of service
Maier, Susan E., Biology

10 years of service
MacIver, Douglas J., CSOS
McCandliss, Stephan R., Physics & Astronomy
Salinas, Karen C., CSOS
Wasik, Barbara, CSOS

5 years of service
Friedman, Jill A., History
Kaiser, Mary Elizabeth, Physics & Astronomy
Nesbitt, Therese M., Summer Program
Williams, Lisa Ann, Political Science


15 years of service
Fessler, Ralph, Division of Education

10 years of service
Tucker, Cynthia E., Business & Management

5 years of service
Mrozowski, Susan, Electronic & Distance Education
Prodger, Geraldine E., Evergreen Society


10 years of service
Hammer, Deirdre Lynn, Instructional TV
O'Neil, Joseph, Geography & Environmental Engineering

5 years of service
Moore, Thomas L., Chemical Propulsion Information Agency
Parker, Penelope E., Publications


5 years of service
Kugler, Sharon M., Campus Ministry
Stephens, Elizabeth D., Student Accounts


20 years of service
Compton, Anne W., Population Information
Newman, Audrey, Health Policy & Management

15 years of service
Newcomer, Rebecca, Maternal & Child Health
Rukstelis, Debra Ann, Population Information
Yates, Katherine C., Epidemiology

10 years of service
Bouver, Nicole, Population Communication
Cather, Regina., Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Donaldson, Connie M., International Health
Kuusisto, Tammy L., International Health
Larson, Susan M., Health Policy & Management
Liu, Kathy, Epidemiology
Moses, Patricia, Population Communication
Sherman, Gale, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology

5 years of service
Abubaker, Salahaddin, Environmental Health Sci.
Benesch, Stephanie, Health Policy & Management
Castillo, Renan, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Cuomo, Peter, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Deane-Hibbert, Yvonne, International Health
Jeng, Yaikah, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Kimm, Victoria J., Population Information
Leffler, Melissa A., International Health


10 years of service
Walsh, Michael J., Marketing


40 years of service
Kluka, Michael, Biological Chemistry

35 years of service
Foy, Mary E., Academic Affairs

30 years of service
Vaughan, Priscilla, Student & House Staff Services

25 years of service
Buedel, Mary, Urology
Eagle, Tobianne, Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
Kim, Chung Sook, Welch Medical Library

20 years of service
Bowman, Janet Lee, Pediatrics
Grossi, Richard A., Office of the Dean
Price, Antoinette C., Pathology

15 years of service
Davis, Eileen M., Physical Medicine & Rehab.
Golembieski, Doris L., Oncology
Johnson, Marie S., Radiology Billing Office
Marburger, Barbara Nizer, Physicians Billing Service
Rizer, Diana M., Radiology
Simms, Freda M., Ophthalmology

10 years of service
Barnes Sanchez, Kathleen, Pathology
Chromo, Carrilee Louise, Urology
Coombs, Vicki J., Medicine
Cornell, Elizabeth, Clinical Pharmacology
Cote, Louis Henry, Human Resources
Driggers, Anna Maria, Physicians Billing Service
Eggleston, Marion P., Pathology
Hennel, Terri L., Medicine
Kammerer, Mumtaz, Ophthalmology
Keyser, Mary Louise, Psychiatry
Lee, Soo, Custodial Services
Robinson, Elliott, Oncology Center Services
Shaw, Jacqueline F., Neuroscience
Wood, Shirl Lyn, Pediatrics

5 years of service
Alascia, Kathleen R., Pediatrics
Bark, Christina A., Oncology Administration
Bernard, Tina M., Medicine
Button, Brenda L., Office of the Dean
Charon, Bonnie J., Medicine
Hu, Weidong, Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
Iglehart, Brian A., Medicine
Jackson, Henry, Purchasing
Johnson, Rosemary, OB-GYN
Jones, Kerrie A., Pathology
Kennedy, Sean D., Pathology
Lane, Karen, Neurology
Lanier, Trina R., Clinical Practice Association
Lin, Hui Zhi, Medicine
Maughan, Kevin R., Comparative Medicine
Nicolette, Joann, Clinical Pharmacology
Traub, Alison, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Van t Hoff, Rosemarie, Facilities Management
Wilson, Andrea H., Alcoholism Services
Zarbos, Marian, Medicine


10 years of service
Einaudi, Paula Ferris, Development


20 years of service
Nelson, Elizabeth C., Admissions

5 years of service
Cooper, Deborah R., Admissions & Registration
Posko, John A., Jr., Plant Maintenance & Repair


5 years of service
McKenzie, Anne M., Latin American Studies
Reeves, Natalie C., Academic Affairs


30 years of service
Westfall, James C., Printing Services

25 years of service
Aquino, David Glenn, Research Accounting

15 years of service
Harris, Carolyn, Office of VP for Business Affairs
Kronk, Annie King, State and Local Affairs

10 years of service
Lange, Alice P., Office of the Treasurer
Mixter, Sandra Lee, Security Services
Moody, Joseph, Plant Operations & Maintenance
Ragin, Cynthia, Office of VP for Human Resources
Smith, George, Plant Operations & Maintenance

5 years of service
Cho, Sang Bong, Plant Operations & Maintenance
Eley, Shelton D., The Johns Hopkins Club
Ilgenfritz, Kim, Office of Vice President & Secretary
Mace, Maria, Development Fund
Palmer, Carolyn, Center for Training & Education
Porro, Jes Linda, Alumni Magazine Consortium
Thomas, Clinton A., Information Systems