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Meeting and Worktrip Calendar
Meetings are held every other week on Tuesdays at 8 pm in Mattin 162. You can sign up for the upcoming worktrips at each meeting.

Habitat for Humanity Pre-O 2012
We're currently working on plans for Pre-O 2012. Once we get some details set, we'll post the info here and on our facebook page. In the meantime, you can check out the brochure from last yeat and check out our facebook page for pictures from previous Pre-Os.



Students will move-in a few days early and will finish in time for mandatory Orientation events.

Why sign up?  Participants will be allowed to move into their dorms on Friday, August 19th during business hours. We will begin working on our sponsor-house in the Sandtown neighborhood of Baltimore on Saturday and will also participate in other local volunteer projects over the next several days. Pre-O will also include fun trips to places in and around the city such as the Towson Mall and the Inner Harbor. You’ll get an early opportunity to see and learn about what Baltimore has to offer!

Food?  Breakfast and lunch always provided, two dinners also included.

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