First ICE Conference Participants

November 2nd & 3rd, 2000

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Back row, left to right:

Dr. Simo Parpola, Professor of Assyriology, University of Helsinki, Finland

Dr. Steve Tinney, Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, University of Pennsylvania, Co-Director Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary project, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Dean A. Snyder, Semitic and Classics Philologist, Software Engineer, Senior Information Technology Specialist (Humanities), Johns Hopkins University

John Jenkins, System Software Engineer (MacOS 9), Apple Computer, Unicode Consortium Technical Director (East Asian Scripts), Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Tom R. Davis, Lecturer in Bibliography & Palaeography, University of Birmingham, England

Karljuergen Feuerherm, Ph. D. Candidate in Akkadian, University of Toronto, Computer Scientist, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Front row, left to right:

Dr. Alasdair Livingstone, Reader in Assyriology, University of Birmingham, England

Dr. Kenneth Whistler, Linguist (Native American Languages), Software Engineer (Sybase), Unicode Consortium Technical Director, Managing Editor of The Unicode Standard, version 3.0

Rick McGowan, System Software Engineer (MacOS X, Unix), Apple Computer, Unicode Consortium Vice President (fluent in Japanese), San Jose, California, USA

Dr. Jerrold S. Cooper, Professor of Assyriology and Sumerian, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Dr. Lloyd B. Anderson, Linguist (historical development of writing systems, Mayan hieroglyphs), Unicode expert contributor, Font Specialist, Proprietor of Ecological Linguistics, Washington D.C., USA