Photos from the First ICE Conference

November 2nd & 3rd, 2000

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Conference Participants
Back: Simo Parpola, Steve Tinney, Dean Snyder, John Jenkins, Tom Davis, Karljuergen Feuerherm
Front: Alasdair Livingstone, Kenneth Whistler, Rick McGowan, Jerrold Cooper, Lloyd Anderson
Welcome by Jerrold Cooper
Opening Remarks by Dean Snyder


Dean Snyder
"Multi-Lingual Corpus Computation"
John Jenkins
"Rationale & Guidelines for Encoding Large, Complex Scripts in Unicode"
Alasdair Livingstone & Tom Davis
"A Prototype Electronic Sign List for Cuneiform"
Karljuergen Feuerherm
"Towards the Development of a Cuneiform Character Code: Diagraphemes and Related Matters"
Lloyd Anderson & Steve Tinney
Rick McGowan & Kenneth Whistler
Simo Parpols & Karljuergen Feuerherm
Jerrold Cooper & Simo Parpola
Steve Tinney & Kenneth Whistler
Jerrold Cooper, Simo Parpola, & Karljuergen Feuerherm
Steve Tinney
Lloyd Anderson
Dean Snyder
Observers - Sayeed Choudhury, Alhena Gadotti, Lance Allred, Macie Hall, Bruce Wells
Karljuergen Feuerherm Presentation
Bruce Wells, John Jenkins, & Rick McGowan

Lunch at Gertrude's

In the Sculpture Garden of the Baltimore Museum of Art

Left row, front to back: Bruce Wells, Jerrold Cooper, Lloyd Anderson, Simo Parpola, Karljuergen Feuerherm, Kenneth Whistler
Right row, front to back: Steve Tinney, Alasdair Livingstone, Lee Watkins Jr., Tom Davis, John Jenkins, Sayeed Choudhury, Rick McGowan
Lee Watkins Jr.
Bruce Wells & Jerry Cooper
Simo Parpola
Dean Snyder