Individuals Who Have Expressed Interest in the Initiative for Cuneiform Encoding

Deborah Anderson, Visiting Scholar, Linguistics, Univ.of California at Berkeley

Lloyd B. Anderson, Linguist (historical development of writing systems, Mayan hieroglyphs), Unicode expert contributor, Font Specialist, Proprietor of Ecological Linguistics, Washington D.C., USA

Carl-Martin Bunz, M.A., Indo-European Linguist, University of Saarland, Germany

Jerrold S. Cooper, Professor of Assyriology and Sumerian, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Robin Cover, SGML/XML, Oasis

T. R. Davis, Lecturer in Bibliography & Palaeography, University of Birmingham, England

Patrick Durusau, Dir. Research and Development, Society of Biblical Literature, Emory Univ.

Robert Englund, Prof. of Assyriology & Sumerian, UCLA

Michael Everson, Linguist (writing systems, historical linguistics), co-author of the Unicode Standard, contributing editor of ISO/IEC 10646, Font Specialist, Director of Everson Gunn Teoranta, Dublin, Ireland

Karljuergen Feuerherm, Ph. D. Candidate in Akkadian, University of Toronto, Computer Scientist, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Gene Gragg, Prof. of Near Eastern Languages & Linguistics, Dir. Oriental Institute, Univ. of Chicago

Edwin Hart, Senior Computing Staff, Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins

Thomas Izbicki, Near Eastern Resource Services Librarian, Johns Hopkins

John Jenkins, System Software Engineer (MacOS 9), Apple Computer, Unicode Consortium Technical Director (East Asian Scripts), Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Charles Jones, Research Associate-Bibliographer, Oriental Institute, Univ. of Chicago

Alasdair Livingstone, Reader in Assyriology, University of Birmingham, England

John McGinnis, PhD Cambridge, England

Rick McGowan, System Software Engineer (MacOS X, Unix), Apple Computer, Unicode Consortium Vice President (fluent in Japanese), San Jose, California, USA

Piotr Michalowski, Prof. of Assyriology, Univ. of Michigan

David Owen, Prof. of Ancient Near Eastern & Judaic Studies, Cornell Univ.

Simo Parpola, Professor of Assyriology, University of Helsinki, Finland

Gonzalo Rubio, Asst. Prof of Assyriology, Ohio State Univ.

Dean A. Snyder, Semitic and Classics Philologist, Software Engineer, Senior Information Technology Specialist (Humanities), Johns Hopkins University

Steve Tinney, Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, University of Pennsylvania, Co-Director Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary project, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Bruce Wells, PhD Candidate in Akkadian, Johns Hopkins

Kenneth Whistler, Linguist (Native American Languages), Software Engineer (Sybase), Unicode Consortium Technical Director, Managing Editor of The Unicode Standard, version 3.0