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Demos & Online Courses Available

The following links open a short interactive demonstration (5-10 mins) targeted at specific ISIS functionality.

Replay these demonstrations as many times as you like, or open a demonstration and follow along with it as you perform a procedure in ISIS.

Extracting and Printing Letters

Explore the Student Summary Window

Explore the Account Summary Window

ISIS for Students
Viewing Your Account Information
Making Payments

In addition to these short demos, there are several courses that can be completed entirely online:

  • Navigating in ISIS
  • Financial Aid Inquiry
  • Student Billing Inquiry
  • Departmental Graduate Aid
  • ISIS for Faculty
  • Protecting Sensitive Information
To register for any of these online courses, please e-mail [email protected] or call 443-997-6453.

Upcoming Training Events

Need More Training?

If you would to schedule departmental ISIS training, register for an instructor-led workshop, enroll in an online ISIS course, or have suggestion for an online ISIS demonstration, please contact Sasha Grutzeck at [email protected].