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J. L. Burgess - Research Site

Research Interests: Metamorphic petrology, tectonics, geoecology and forests

Field Work

Recent Work:

Guice, G., Ackerson, M., Holder, R., George, F., Browning-Hanson, J., Burgess, J., Foustoukos, D., Becker, N., Nelson, W., and Viete, D. Suprasubduction zone ophiolite fragments in the central Appalachian orogen: Evidence for mantle and Moho in the the Baltimore Mafic-Ultramafic Complex (Maryland, USA) (2021). Geosphere

Burgess, J.L., George, F.R., Piccoli P., and Viete D.R. New approaches to discern the potentially polymetamorphic history of the Gassetts Schist, Vermont. Geological Association of Canada – Mineralogical Association of Canada Annual Meeting, London, Ontario (2021).

Becker, N.A.,, Browning-Hanson, J., Holder, R., Nelson, W., Burgess, J.L., and Viete, D.R. Geochemical progression in lavas and shallow intrusives of the Appalachian–Caledonian Leka ophiolite complex, Norway. Annual Meeting Geological Society of America (2020).

Guice, G., Acherson, M.R., Holder, R.M., George, F.R., Browning-Hanson, J.J., Burgess, J.L., Foustoukos, D.I., Becker, N., and Viete D.R. The Baltimore Mafic Complex, Maryland: ophiolite fragments in the southern Appalachian Orogen? Geological Society of America Annual Meeting (2020).

Burgess, J.L., Becker, N.A,  Holder R,M., Piccoli P., and Viete D.R. Geochemical and Themobarometric constraints on the Perry Hall and tectonically associated gneisses from the Baltimore Area Piedmont, Maryland. Northeast-Southeast Sectional Meeting Geological Society of America (2020).

Burgess, J.L., Hilgartner, W.B. and Rajakaruna, N. Forest expansion on serpentine grassland communities: the impact of atmospheric N and land use. European Convention on Conservation Biology, Finland (2018).

Burgess, J.L. Serpentine Vegetation Dynamics and Mesophication in the Mid-Atlantic Area. Northeastern Natural History Conference Burlington, VT (2018).

Burgess, J.L. and Hilgartner, W.B. Serpentine Vegetation Dynamics and Conifer Encroachment in Conjunction with Anthropogenic Disturbance. Society for Conservation Biology's International Congress for Conservation Biology Cartegena, Columbia (2017).

Burgess, J. L., K. Szlavecz, N. Rajakaruna, S. Lev, and C. M. Swan. Vegetation dynamics and mesophication in response to conifer encroachment within an ultramafic system. In Australian Journal of Botany. Volume 63 (4) 292-307 (2015).

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About Me

Dr. Burgess joined Hopkins as the Director of the MS in Environmental Sciences & Policy and GIS programs after receiving his doctorate at Hopkins and MS at the University of Maryland. His research is highly interdisciplinary, ranging from geology to exploring serpentine ecology community dynamics. Current research interests center around using petrologic and geochemical tools to investigate igneous and metamorphic rock histories, with focus on petrogenesis and the growth and evolution of the Appalachians. Field work focuses on Newfoundland, Vermont, and the Maryland piedmont.