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Trials & Tribulation: A Special Report
By Dale Keiger and Sue De Pasquale
In the painful months since the death of a healthy research subject last summer, the university has been looking long and hard at its program for ensuring volunteer safety. Where does Johns Hopkins go from here? Plus...

In the Name of Science
By Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson
Healthy research volunteers -- veterans of many clinical trials -- tell why they're willing to be poked, tilted, pricked, and imaged.

The Hope for a Cure
By Mary Mashburn
For terminally ill patients like Joan Talmage, who has ALS, clinical trials may hold out the only glimmer of promise.

Advocating for the Value of Clinical Trials
By Mary Mashburn
Fran Visco and her team of patient advocates have pushed hard to earn a role in designing, reviewing, and implementing clinical trials.

Mayor Mike
By Dale Keiger
We take you inside the Bloomberg mayoral camp on election night -- an invitation-only affair at the rockin' B.B. King Blues Club & Grill on New York's West 42nd.

Subject: Our World Post-9/11. Three sets of faculty members swap thoughts via e-mail on crucial questions pertaining to U.S. foreign policy, our civil liberties, and the lack of dissenting voices within academe.

  Wholly Hopkins

University: Gift aims at eradication of cancer

Medicine: Using bacteria to zero in on tumors

Peabody: Venturing to Singapore

University: MacArthur Fellowships go to two faculty

Students: TAs learn lingo of American classroom

Museums: Rare books offer artistic inspiration

Science: Discovery marks a sea change

Sports: Big wins for Blue Jay football

Engineering: The importance of being heard

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