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Inspired by the human condition

Boston illustrator Naomi Shea works digitally, melding vintage images with contemporary ones to create work that is at once "timeless and timely." Shea says she felt honored to tackle our special report, "Trials & Tribulation," given how important the story is to the life of the university. "My favorite topics to illustrate are those about the human condition," she says, "so this was right up my alley." Shea's work has appeared in such venues as MacWorld, the Los Angeles Times, Ms. Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

A textured approach to foreign policy

In the opener to "," illustrator Michael Gibbs uses "stick" drawings against the textured backdrop of rock. The approach "seemed like a natural" for an e-mail exchange about U.S. foreign policy and Afghanistan, he says. "I liked the idea of contrasting the high-tech 'smart bombs' with the primitiveness of the al-Qaeda hiding out in the caves," says Gibbs, whose clients range from United Airlines and World Bank to Mortgage Banker and Science. The figures in the cave drawings are cowering, says the artist, "because while I'm not sympathetic to their cause, I am sympathetic to their fate." --SD

Photographer John Davis ("The Big Question") is based in Baltimore. Contact him by Calling 410-241-2767.
Michael Gibbs (see above). Contact him via his Web site at:
Tamara Hoffer ("Wholly Hopkins: Vignette") is a Baltimore-based freelance photographer specializing in corporate and editorial portraiture. She can be reached at 410-383-2826, or by e-mail at
Will Kirk ("Wholly Hopkins: Rec Center With a View") is a photographer for Homewood Photographic Services. He received his bachelor's degree in English from Johns Hopkins University in 1999. E-mail him at
Photographer Mark Lee is based in Baltimore. Contact him by calling 410-663-3479.
Illustrator Mike McConnell ("Wholly Hopkins: TAs Learn Lingo of the American Classroom") lives and works in Phoenix, Maryland. Visit his Web site at
Illustrator Wally Neibart ("Essay") lives and works in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Contact him by calling 215-635-0487.
Naomi Shea (see above). Contact her via her Web site at:
Peter Yuill ("Wholly Hopkins: Project Recognizes the Importance of Being Heard") is a Baltimore-based illustrator and designer. He is Features Design Director at The Baltimore Sun. For more information on illustration or original artwork, e-mail him at or call 410-332-6639.

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