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Theme and Variations
By Marjorie Centofanti
For Dan Drachman — Hopkins neurologist, clarinetist, and son-in-law of the famous cellist Gregor Piatigorsky — music is a family affair.

What's in the Fridge?
By Sue De Pasquale
Homewood refrigerators — which hold everything from cancerous coral to water from the Dismal Swamp — are as diverse as the campus itself.

Living Well
By Maria Blackburn
By focusing on prevention, the ElderPlus program at Johns Hopkins' Bayview Medical Center keeps Baltimore's seniors active and healthy — and out of the nursing home.

Stories from the Sediment
By Catherine Pierre
For almost three decades, paleoecologist Grace Brush has devoted her research to understanding the Chesapeake's past. The bay's future may just depend on that work.

E-lective Alarm
By Dale Keiger
Avi Rubin, technical director of Hopkins' Information Security Institute, argues that computer voting is seriously flawed. If he's right, could our democracy be at risk?

  Wholly Hopkins

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Politics: Historic Shift in Hispanic Voting

Policy: Secret Service Hits the Books

Humanities: Novel Approach to Nigeria

Research: Fruit Flies' Clues to the Birds and Bees

Mathematics: Mathematical Pluck

Sports: Great Autumn for Athletics

Music: Peabody Expands Its Repertoire

In Memoriam: Hugh Kenner, Revered Literary Critic

Health: Nursing Abused Women Back to Health

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