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Separate Fates
By Gary Logan
When Peter and Nelly Block came to Baltimore from Germany last summer, they put their hope in a Johns Hopkins medical team to do what seemed impossible: separate their daughters, Lea and Tabea, conjoined twins connected at the head.

The Birth of a Classic
By Brian Simpson
That Flaubert novel you see on the bookstore shelf did not spring fully formed from the head of its maker. It was mulled over, massaged, fleshed out, scratched through, revised, set aside, and revised some more.

The Power of the Pennington
By Maria Blackburn
Sam Pennington, A&S '52, had only a simple concept and a little money when he launched Maine Antique Digest more than 30 years ago. Since then, his publication has become the paper of record for the American antiques business.

Changing Their Tune
By Dale Keiger
Conservatory study used to be practice, practice, practice. But with the classical music industry in a serious state of flux, the new word around Peabody is "entrepreneurship."

  Wholly Hopkins

University: Arts and Sciences dean steps down

University: Campaign passes fundraising record

Students: No relief for the stressed-out student

Music: Peabody's world-premiere opera

Sports: Hopkins teams show their stuff

Medicine: Restoring a Hopkins-Middle East exchange

Public health: $75 million to aid women and newborns

University: New front door for Homewood campus

Engineering: Surprising clues for spinal cord injuries

Humanities: Two A&S departments to merge

In memoriam: Cancer claims two from Krieger School

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