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Merrill L. Burnside, A&S '36, is still working as a real estate broker in the San Fernando Valley. He enjoys playing doubles tennis and gin rummy at the El Caballero Country Club in Tarzana.

Julius T. Gelber, A&S '36, is retired from the practice of medicine and enjoys sailing and golf. He and his wife, Elisabeth, have 27 grandchildren.

Edward E. Gray, Engr '36, reports that he is still rooting for JHU lacrosse. Among his 1936 classmates, he remembers James B. Eppes very well. They were in grade school together and graduated from high school in the same class.

Eli M. Lippman, A&S '36, is enjoying his interest in antique cars.

John Machek Jr., A&S '36, is retired. He is the father of John R. Machek, A&S '66.

John MacClarence, Engr '36, participates in Elderstudy at Mary Washington College. He enjoys travel, golf, and working with the school board.

Kenneth L. Zierler A&S '36, is professor emeritus of medicine and physiology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He and his wife, Margery, have five children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.


Jacob D. Hornstein, A&S '41, writes that he is surviving the loss of his dear wife after 44 years of marriage. He is still actively practicing law and enjoying life as a grandfather.

Thomas Carbery Jones, Engr '41, writes that he is retired from the Baltimore County Department of Permits and Licenses in Towson.

William F. Childs III, A&S '41, is former vice president of Associated Builders & Contractors of Maryland and a life member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Annapolis Yacht Club. He is consultant to the Formation of the Maryland Aggregates Association.

Allan Hirsh Jr., A&S '41, enjoys genealogy as a hobby.

H. Thomas Robinson, A&S '41, Med '44, is a retired physician and remains physically and mentally active.

Edward K. Russell, A&S '41, Med '44, is into sudoku and works on insurance claims reviews.

Harry A. Mencke, A&S '41, resides in an excellent new retirement center and enjoys golf. He enjoyed a career as an installation intelligence officer and security manager at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.


William A. Andersen, A&S '46, retired from his pediatric medical practice in 1995. He was head of the division of maternal/child health at Baltimore County Department of Health from 1982 to 1995.

Walter Phillips, Engr '46, earned a BS in engineering from Bucknell University in 1947. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1942 to 1952.

John "Jack" Wroten, Engr '46, is married to Joan Healy and lives in Baltimore.


Charles A. Nicodemus, A&S '50, and his wife of 53 years, Kathryn, were each awarded honorary doctorates of humane letters at Hood College's annual convocation ceremony in Frederick, Maryland, on August 28, 2005. The couple live in Walkersville, Maryland.


John J. Auer, A&S '51, retired in 2001 and enjoys golf and painting.

Stanley H. Broder, A&S '51, is a hiking, skiing, and snow shoeing enthusiast.

Roger S. Brown, A&S '51, enjoys golf and working for charities.

Bob Buxbaum, Engr '51, '53 (MS), is interested in woodwork and refinishing, computers, and staying connected with JHU through the Society of Engineering Alumni and the Alumni Association.

Allan E. Doyle, A&S '51, is a CPA in Arizona and California. He enjoys senior Olympics in track, bicycling, and swimming.

Richard "Dick" Golden, Engr '51, writes: "I am fully retired this year after teaching part time at Princeton for three years. My hobbies include growing orchids, taking digital photographs, and travel. My eighth grandchild was born May 31, 2004."

Richard B. Hornick, A&S '51, Med '55, HS '57, works for Orlando Regional Health Care System, providing patient care, teaching, and administration. He is involved in national medical organizations and has faculty appointments as clinical professor of medicine at University of Florida and Florida State University, School of Medicine.

Cecil H. Hull, Engr '51, '60 (PhD), retired in 1986. From 1988 to 1993, he participated in Senior Olympics swimming, winning two gold, five silver, and six bronze medals in national competition. He also competed in the U.S. Masters Swimming Program, winning 12 medals in national swim meets.

William J. Hyde, Engr '51, writes: "I have produced and presented photo essays of our world travels. An antique car buff, I have owned a 1958 Chevrolet for 47 years, driving it 444,000 miles. I love choral singing, travel, and DIY projects."

Daniel S. McCarter, A&S '51, plans to move to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Dean G. Miller, Engr '51, enjoys running, hiking, and gardening. He just bought a 600-acre dairy farm with his daughter. He is planning to convert it to an organic fruit, nut, and vegetable farm.

William M. Miller, A&S '51, has 11 grandchildren, his latest born in July 2005.

G. Leslie Moler, A&S '51, retired from DuPont as manager of marketing and technology/textile, and he retired from real estate in Naples, Florida, in 2004.

J. Edwin Pohl, A&S '51, enjoys singing in a barbershop quartet and chorus and is a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

John E. Rueckert, Engr '51, is a consulting Rosarian with the American Rose Society and president of the Fredericksburg Rose Society. He is also past chairman of the Lake of the Woods Church Board of Elders.

Ernest J. Taschenberg, Engr '51, writes: "Since 1928, 13 members of my family graduated from Johns Hopkins University."

G. David Wroten, Engr '51, is active in boating and teaching piloting courses for the U.S. Power Squadron. He spends winters in Stuart, Florida.

L. Carroll Yingling Jr., A&S '51, is an adjunct faculty member at Community College of Baltimore County. He operates an art business from a studio in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, creating wire and glass models called "Carpe LYCEM (Seize the Light)."


Ann Hennessy, SPSBE '56 (MEd), has written Becoming Ann: A Baltimore Childhood, published by American Literary Press. Hennessy was a member of the Children's Educational Theatre at Johns Hopkins in the 1940s.


Lawrence A. Sinclair, A&S '58 (PhD), recently celebrated his 50th ordination anniversary as a minister in the Presbyterian Church. A special ceremony was held in June to honor his years of service.


Ronald Berman, A&S '61, and his wife enjoy gardening and weekends hiking in the many Bay area, regional, state, and national parks. He enjoys his professional work and is still working full time in internal medicine. His wife, Sybil, teaches English and literature at the University of California, Berkeley.

Gordon Bockner, A&S '61, Bol '65, SAIS '66, started his own consulting company, International Licensing in IP, in 1981.

David William Doupe, A&S '61, retired from his ob-gyn practice and administration. He spends much of his time in Florida, working on his golf, and he spends his summers in northwest Pennsylvania, working on his vineyard.

David H. Downes, A&S '61, retired in 2003 after 31 years on the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley.

Gerald F. Fenster, A&S '61, has an active practice of otolaryngology in Somerville, New Jersey. He likes to travel and play golf.

Emerson S. Hawley, A&S '61, has been a member of the Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band since 1983. He helped engineer the "roborat" and is now working in neuroprosthetics.

Andrew L. Kahn, A&S '61, enjoys playing tennis and teaches at the Institute for Learning in Retirement. He is the dean of adult education at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Boca Raton and attends meetings of the Mystery Writers of America South Florida Chapter. He is writing a novel and has founded a lecture business, "Renaissance Mind."

Richard O. King, A&S '61, SPSBE '81 (MS), is president of Richard O. King, Sr. & Associates, Real Estate Brokerage & Certified General Appraiser, of Maryland, Delaware & Virginia. He is also a member of the Knights of Columbus, St. Louis Parish.

Paul T. Lovejoy, Engr '61, is retired, but still does consulting work. He has been married since the weekend after graduation.

John J. Migliore, A&S '61, enjoys traveling, the beach, golf, and spending time with his six grandchildren.

Roland Steven Summers, A&S '61, is the president of Georgia Composite Board Medical License, past president of the medical association of Georgia, and a delegate to the American Medical Association from Georgia.

Clarence Zuvekas Jr., A&S '61, is working as a consultant in international economics, poverty reduction, and strategic planning/evaluation since retiring from USAID in 1996. His recent activities have included work in Honduras, Ecuador, and Egypt.


William E. Butler, SAIS '63, '70 (PhD), has been appointed the John Edward Fowler Distinguished Professor of Law, Dickinson School ofLaw, Pennsylvania State University, and professor emeritus of comparative law at the University of London. A two-volume festschrift has been published in his honor by Russian and Western colleagues, and he has been elected to a third term as a member of the International Court of Commercial Arbitration (Russia).


Thomas Appich, A&S '71, SPSBE '82, works at the Mitre Corporation as network engineer/systems administrator.

Stephen L. Bartlett, A&S '71, has been at McCallie School since the August following his JHU graduation. He taught history courses for 29 years and served as athletic trainer for 17 years. He has been a college counselor for 16 years and has been on the dormitory staff for 31 years. He has lived on campus the entire time. He serves on the parish council and is a lector (reader) at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church. He is also on the Board of the Friends of the Chattanooga/Hamilton County Public Library and member of the Chattanooga Civil War Roundtable.

Rick deNey, Engr '71, is head of the mergers and acquisitions group for Needham, a full service investment bank serving technology firms.

William Donovan, A&S '71, has been working in Uganda for 18 months on a project to help local companies access local capital markets.

Steve Heller, Engr '71, writes: "After 30-plus years in loan management/executive positions in industry (telecommunications and information technology), I have switched careers into leadership coaching, specializing in working with clients in positions of leadership within sales organizations."

Eric Locker, A&S, '71, spends his time practicing Zen, dancing, gardening, yoga, and swimming.

Stephen Paul Mahinka, A&S '71, is chair of the life sciences practice in his firm, one of the nation's largest. He has been selected to Who's Who in American Law and recognized as one of the leading lawyers in the U.S. in both the regulatory and competition areas by Cross-border Life Sciences and Competition handbooks, as well as one of the top food and drug lawyers in Washington by Washingtonian Magazine in 2004. He has published more than 60 articles in the areas of competition and FDA/healthcare law.

John Arthur McClung, A&S '71, has been promoted to professor of clinical medicine this year.

Arturo M. Ottolenghi, A&S '71, Bol '72, SAIS '72, has two businesses: Supergrit Abrasives, a mail order company that sells abrasives by catalog, which he founded 27 years ago; and The Truffle Market (, a joint venture Internet company that features Italian truffle products, which he founded nine years ago with his son, Brett.

Brent Peterson, A&S '7I (PhD), associate professor of German at Lawrence University, has published History, Fiction and Germany: Writing the Nineteenth-Century Nation (Wayne State University Press).

Gus Jay Slotman, A&S '71, has had a private practice of general surgery since 2003. He performs head and neck cancer surgery and gastric bypasses for morbid obesity.

Gerald C. Tobin, A&S '71, was re-elected to the Montclair Township Council in New Jersey in May 2004. He left his law firm in New York City in March 2005 and now practices law in Montclair.

Barry Wendell, A&S '71, retired in 2004 after 18 years as a substitute teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He worked as a cantorial soloist from 1997 to 2003. He suffered a major heart attack in 2003.

William E. Wheeler, Engr '71, finds himself occasionally traveling and working in the Indian subcontinent.


Gene Ashe, A&S '76, is currently chief of medical staff at Frederick Memorial Hospital in Maryland.

Andi Axman, A&S '76, published her fifth book in 2003. She became the editor of a regional home and garden magazine, which she also helped launch and publish in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Accent on Home and Garden doubled in size after its first year and is going so strong that she will be editing a sister publication scheduled to debut in early 2006.

Jason Brajer, A&S '76, who lives in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, is an avid tennis player, golf and hockey enthusiast.

Drew Fender, A&S '76, was part of the National Senior Olympics for basketball.

John Fung, A&S '76, moved to Cleveland, after 20 years at the University of Pittsburgh. He is currently enjoying the challenge of running the department of general surgery and practicing transplant surgery. He writes: "I have four great kids and a wonderful wife."

Paul Glen, A&S '76, has been with Kaiser Permanente in Hawaii for 21 years as a general surgeon. He has been involved in competitive amateur golf for more than 12 years, and for the last two years, he has been an assistant softball coach at a local high school.

Alexander Glogau, A&S '76, is a senior partner of a five- man orthopedic group in Plano, Texas. He has three children, ages 12, 14, and 16, who he says are "growing up fast!"

Jeffrey D. Gould, A&S '76, is a golf nut and gardener, and he enjoys spending time with his two children, ages 6 and 4.

Robin McConway Hiscock, Engr '76, '81 (MS), plays mandolin, guitar, and violin. She is also running again and has acted in a few community plays.

Paul Kettl, A&S '76, celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary in 2005. He has three children, two of whom are in college. He spent 19 years at Penn State College of Medicine, including five as chair of the psychiatry department, and he now works as a psychiatrist at Lancaster General Hospital.

John A. Laczin, A&S '76, is the happy pilot of "Bosie," the family Cherokee-6 airplane, and proudly flies Karen, a doctor who loves riding her horse, to and from the local airport, where she is a student pilot; son Mark, who is a computer genius; and daughters Katie and Julie, who are both accomplished artists. He studies IFR in his spare time.

Mike Moran, A&S '76, became of counsel to the law offices of Curtis C. Coon, LLC.

Eric Mulkey, A&S '76, served as a major and civil engineering officer in the United States Air Force in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2003 to 2005. Triathlons have been his main hobby for his adult life.

Tim Oldfield, Engr '76, received chemoradiation therapy last summer for squamous cell carcinoma of the back of the tongue that has spread to the left side of his neck. He writes: "My wife, Linda McMillan; daughter, Rachel; our dog, Ella, and I have been buoyed by the loving support of friends in the Boston area and all around the country. I would love to hear from friends at The 2005 men's lacrosse championship season continues to be an inspiration as we work our way through each stage of treatment and recuperation."

William Peeples, A&S '76, has changed jobs after 17 years with Scott and White Clinic in Bellmead, Texas. He has joined the Hillcrest Family Health Center in Waco, Texas.

Diane Reese, A&S '76, is still happy in the Bay Area in California, although she misses the Bananas at the lacrosse games. She writes: "I attest to how hard it is to send your first child off to college; I can imagine it will be even harder to send the last one off!"

Manfred Reichwein, A&S '76, enjoys kayaking.

Kevin Ryan, A&S '76, Engr '81, SPSBE '87 (MS), is coaching Green Hornet's lacrosse and basketball. He is an ISPE member. He also has been boating, waterskiing, and tubing.

Robert Schwenkler, Engr '76, is enjoying life in Idaho with his wife. He has worked out of his home for 10 years with a Japanese company.

George E. Tiller, A&S '76, is moving to California and will wed his sweetheart, Camilla, in Italy next spring.

Albert Tramposch, A&S '76, is the former director of industrial property law of the World Intellectual Property Organization, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Marta M. Vielhaber, A&S '76, has completed a second residency after almost 15 years of being a pediatrician. In 2001, she was part of the board in allergy and immunology. She loves living in Cleveland and especially enjoys the arts scene.


David H. Nevins, SPSBE '77 (MS), has been elected chairman of the University of Maryland Board of Regents. He is the founder and president of Nevins & Associates, a Hunt Valley-based marketing and public affairs firm.

Thaddeus Rutkowski, A&S '77, has published a novel, Tetched: A Novel in Fractuals, with Behler Publications.


Mary Hamil Parker, A&S '79 (PhD), Med '86 (PGF), '90 (PGF), chaired a symposium, "Advanced Technology for Independent Living," at the 6th International Conference of the International Association of Homes and Services for the Aging in Trondheim, Norway, on June 29, 2005. Parker chairs the Technology and Aging Interest Group of the Gerontological Society of America.

Howard M. Rosen, A&S '79, is currently practicing endocrinology in Kansas City, Missouri. He was featured in the October issue of Ingram's Magazine as one of the "Top Docs" in the city.

Mary C. Waters, A&S '79, has been accepted as a 2005-2006 fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. The title of her project is "The Transition to Adulthood."


Steven R. Chicurel, Peab '80 (MM), returns to his fourth year as professor of theater/voice specialist, musical theater at the University of Central Florida, after a very busy summer performing in Curacao (Netherland Antilles), Surinam, South America, Australia, and London.


Paula E. Boggs, A&S '81, is an active volunteer in both legal and civic organizations. She is a member of the American Bar Association House of Delegates; chair of the Audit and Insurance Committee of the Johns Hopkins University Board of Trustees; and serves on the boards of Law Fund, Seattle Art Museum, Premera and Premera Blue Cross, and Starbucks Foundation.

Stefano L. Cazzaniga, A&S '81, married Claudia Otero on September 24, 2005.

Theodore A. Conner, A&S'81, enjoys viola da gamba, jazz guitar, sailing, swimming, and kayaking.

Anton Dahbura, Engr '81, '82 (MS), '84 (PhD), has spent nine years in Hagerstown, Maryland, as part of his family printing and real estate business. He writes: "I'm still playing baseball, working out with our local minor league team, and playing drums in a band."

J. Mark Evans, A&S '81, enjoys playing tennis and is currently president of the Washington Metropolitian Hand Society.

Elizabeth Meyer Gadon, A&S '81, the mother of three children, is working in the retail area of commercial real estate. She is still an avid runner and has trained for the New York City Marathon.

Jill Huppert, A&S '81, SPH '01, writes: "Since our last reunion, I have lost a job, completed a fellowship, got a new job, and received two NIH grants. I have traveled to Germany and England with my beloved husband of 20 years." She has raised three beautiful children, and survived ADHD, teen romances, and driver's education.

Anne Janette Johnson A&S '81, and husband Mark Kram Jr. have co-authored a screenplay, Embassy Row, which was a finalist in the 2005 Chicago Indiefest Film Festival.

Noel E.D. Kirnon, A&S '81, Bol '81, is currently global head of derivative ratings and commercial mortgage backed securities at Moody's Investors Service and loving it. She is still hopelessly in love after 10 years.

Seth Levrant, A&S '81, and Lauren Mardell Levrant, A&S '81 (BA/MA), have been together since orientation week at Johns Hopkins in 1977. Seth has an infertility and IVF center in the Chicago suburbs, where Lauren is practice administrator.

Michael H. McCormick, A&S '81, recently was inducted into the American College of Surgeons. He is a consultant and traveling instructor for Smith & Nephew.

Ginat W. Mirowski, A&S '81, is practicing dermatology and teaching oral dermatology, which she thinks is a "wonderful specialty" since she gets to spend more time with her family.

Patricia Pickup, A&S '81, enjoys skiing, tennis, and travel.

Ted Robertson, A&S '81, writes: "My hobbies include swimming, boogie-boarding, golf, reading, coaching basketball for my son, and training his dog." He lives in Southern California with his wife and two children.

Daniel Schwartz A&S '81, is retired from the retail jewelry business. He is now a stay-at-home dad and loving it. His hobbies include metal detecting for colonial artifacts and coins.

John C. Smulian A&S '81, was recently named director of the division of maternal-fetal medicine, in the department of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at UMDNJ- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Michael S. Steele, A&S '81, was elected lt. governor of Maryland in 2002. He was the first African-American in the state's history to be elected statewide and the first Republican lt. governor in the state's history. He is now running for Senate.

Matthew Whitehorn, A&S '81, has a new job as an attorney at law at Dilworth Paxson, LLP.

Daniel Wurmser, A&S '81, '83 (MA), '88 (PhD), has young kids who keep him very busy, and he loves every minute of it. He has done acoustics and seismology research for the Navy and is currently at the State Department working on issues related to treaty verification.


Dawn Cermak, A&S '84, and James Connelly, Engr '83, '85 (MS), announce the birth of their fourth child, Maizy Jane Connelly, born June 14, 2005. Dawn continues to workat Fandango Special Events, a Baltimore-based company she and her sister founded in 1989. Jim has just completed 20 years at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. They recently completed a three-year house renovation project and now live with their four children in Clarksville, Maryland. They can be reached at

Julia Reinhard Lupton, A&S '84 (BA/MA), has published Citizen-Saints: Shakespeare and Political Theology (University of Chicago Press). She is professor of English and comparative literature at the University of California, Irvine.


Marc W. Manley, SPH '86, has been promoted to vice president and medical director, population health, at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.


Sharon Gleason, A&S '88, has joined the Girls Scout Council of the Nation's Capital as director of fund development. Prior to joining the council, she was senior major gifts officer with the American Red Cross.


James Dire, A&S '90 (MA), '98 (PhD), retired from the United States Coast Guard after 23 years of service during a ceremony on August 29, 2005, at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Swati Shah, A&S '90, having lived in New Orleans for more than 10 years, evacuated for the first time for Hurricane Katrina. Her obstetrics-gynecology office was flooded, and three-quarters of her patients were affected by the storm. However, she is still practicing parttime and is helping to rebuild the city by providing health care to its residents.


John Austin, A&S '91, has spent three years as a faculty member at University of Washington and four years as a faculty member at Penn State. After years of teaching, he has returned to business and is planning to launch a research and training company.

Steven M. Baker, A&S '91, earned his law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. He is a member of the Maryland and Florida bars and a founding partner of Baker & Reck, Chartered. He married Satoko Yashiro.

Shari Zuskin Barash, Engr '91, reports that she is very busy between work as a chemical engineer at the EPA, two children, and a dog, but enjoys every minute. She and her husband, David, enjoy spending time with their family and friends.

Michele Wolfe Bernstein, A&S '91, earned her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania in 1993. She and her husband, Andy Bernstein, A&S '90, have three children — Haley, 5, Allison, 3, and Ryan, 1 — and the couple enjoys watching them grow. Bernstein plans to return to her job as a geriatric social worker in the near future.

Patti Pippen Bowyer, A&S '91, received her MPH from Emory University in 1994 and her medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia in 1997, and she currently practices as a family physician. She and her husband, Dave Bowyer, A&S '91, have a daughter, Sarah, born in 2002.

Ellen Buckley, A&S '91, received her master's degree in biochemistry from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in 1997. She is married to William T. Custer.

Lisa Marino Cameron, A&S '91, received her JD in 1994 from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She and her husband, Andrew Cameron, have a daughter, Charlotte.

Michael Carter, Engr '91, received his MBA from Loyola College in Maryland in 2000. He and his wife, Erin, welcomed son Keegan Padraig to the family in 2004.

Dennis Chang, Engr '91, earned his MD from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1997. He is married to Jamie Balliet.

Tom Chiari, Engr '91, earned his MEd in educational administration from Boston College in 1999. He and his wife, Stephanie, have two children, Stella and Ryan.

Maha Damaj, Engr '91, earned a master's degree in public health from the American University of Beirut in 1995. Damaj is working on a PhD in Health Policy from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Michael Datto, A&S '91, earned his MD and PhD from Duke University. He and his wife, Kathleen Caron, have one son, Nicholas.

Joshua Donis, Engr '91, received his medical degree from the SUNY Stonybrook School of Medicine in 1997. He married Susan Song on October 1, 2005.

Nels Dumin, Engr '91, earned his master's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware in 1993. He and his wife, Jennifer, welcomed their first child, Lauren Ferr‚ Dumin, in August 2005.

Russell Fromkin, A&S '91, and his wife, Donna, have a son, David.

Heather (Spooner) Garrant, Nurs '91, and Phil Garrant, Engr '91, write that Phil is on active duty with the U.S. Air Force, and Heather works with the Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia. They have four children.

Gretchen Engel Gertsen, A&S '91, SPSBE '96 (MS), '01 (MBA), and Keith Gertsen, A&S '91, SPSBE '98 (MS), '01 (MBA), have three children, Madeleine, Casey Elizabeth, and Mark.

Sean Graham, A&S '91, earned his MBA in finance from Boston University in 2000 and has been living in the Boston area since 1993, working in the financial services and securities business. In 2004, he and wife Mimi welcomed daughter Clare, bought their first house, and watched the Red Sox win the World Series.

Kristin Cole Heard, Engr '91, and her husband, Jeff Heard, have three children, Cole Jeffrey, Aiden Cooper, and Nolan Cross.

Brad Herman, A&S '91, is working on his MBA at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.

Sharyn Horowitz, A&S '91 (BA/MA), lives in Falls Church, Virginia.

Jennifer Brezenoff Hosza-Dzielak, A&S '91, received her master's in music from Brooklyn College Conservatory in 1991 and her certificate in education from Queens College Aaron Copland School of Music in 2001. She married Paul Dzuekaj, a computer database manager and guitar player in a classic rock band, in 2003. With her two children and his two children, she reports that they've been happily playing the Brady Bunch ever since, coaching kids' basketball teams, making music, doing yoga, and enjoying life.

Everett Hsu, A&S '91, earned his medical degree from the Yale School of Medicine in 1996 and served his residency at St. Raphael's Hospital in New Haven. He is married and has one son, Sean. He is involved in his local church, playing violin, keyboard, and guitar. He is also a Christian lay counselor through the Stephen Ministry and an avid freshwater fisherman.

Jonathan Kalla, A&S '91, and his wife, Jodie, have a daughter, Vivian Mae, born August 1, 2005.

Andrew Kanter, A&S '91, received his JD from the USC Law Center in 1995. He and his wife, Karen Rosen, have a daughter, Lauren, born in 2003.

Jill Kress Karn, A&S '91, earned her PhD in English from the University of Rochester in 1998. She and her husband, Keith, have two children, Emma and Elijah. Her book, The Figure of Consciousness: William James, Henry James and Edith Wharton, was published in 2002.

Edward Kerekes, Engr '91, and his wife, Maria, have three children, Eddie, Angela, and Julia.

Marc Lebeau, Engr '91, and his wife, Susan, have two children, Justin and Helena.

Matthew Lindsay, A&S '91, earned his master's degree in environmental policy from George Washington University in 1995. He is the official scorer for Dayton Dragons Baseball (Class A Midwest League) and a member of the Wright Memorial Public Library Board of Trustees, where he served as president from 2004 to 2005. He and his wife, Emma, have two children.

Bernard Liu, A&S '91, received his MPH from Boston University and his JD from the University of Connecticut. He was married on October 1, 2005.

Natalie Albert Lyons, A&S '91, received her master's degree in learning disabilities/ special education from Columbia University in 1994. She and her husband, M. Trevor Lyons, A&S '92, welcomed daughter, Sidonie, in August 2005.

Suzanne Muller, A&S '91, is a therapist working with women with eating disorders. Together with husband Mark Dressel, A&S '91, and their three daughters, Kristin, Caitlin, and Emily, she lives a mile away from Laura Elliott Voelker and Brian Voelker, A&S '91. The two couples get together regularly. Suzanne keeps in touch with Mandy Darone, Engr '91, and Astrid Nielson, A&S '91.

Michael Joshua Neufeld, A&S '91, moved to the D.C. area in 2002 and married Amy A. Harbaugh in 2003. He has been working in the software field for the past 10 years, and he still keeps in touch with Art Flam and Norv Clontz, both A&S '91.

Yana Nicks, Engr '91, earned her master's in engineering from Georgia Tech in 1996 and her MBA from Duke in 2004. She has a son, Marcus, born in 1995.

Karen Davis Owens, A&S '91, and her husband, Keith Owens, have a son, John Kenneth.

Susan Queen Pepper, A&S '91, and her husband, Todd Pepper, have one child, Tyler Elizabeth.

Aravinda Pillalamarri, A&S'91, who lives in Mumbai, India, is working for land, livelihood, and housing rights among indigenous communities, farm workers, and most recently, tsunami-affected communities along the southern coast of India. She also has produced two CD recordings of political and folk songs in various languages.

Sara Rabinowitz Pinto, Bol '90, A&S '91, received her JD from University of Connecticut School of Law in 1994. She and her husband, Richard, have two children, Aristide and Luca.

John Pui, Engr '91, received his MD from New York University in 1995. He and wife Vivian Ng, also a doctor, have two children, Christopher and Samantha. John reports that while he is practicing medicine, Vivian has "retired" from radiology to be at home with their two young children.

T.R. Christian Reutter, A&S '91, reports that "life is great!" He practices medicine in San Francisco and is looking to purchase a home in the city.

Matthew R. Rosengart, A&S '91, has earned his MD and MPH. He is married to Janet S. Lee, and the couple has two children, Anna Elaine and Maevis.

Eric Rottenberg, A&S '91, earned his MD from the Temple School of Medicine in 1997. He and his wife, Leslie, have two children, Jacob and Lisette.

Jennifer D. Sharp, A&S '91, received her BM in vocal performance from Shenandoah University in 2004 and her MM in vocal pedagogy in December 2005. She graduated first in her class and won the two major vocal awards open to graduating seniors. She loves teaching voice and plans to balance teaching and performance upon completion of her graduate degree. She is married to Jeffrey Smith.

Robert Silverman, Engr '91, '94 (MS), and his wife, Natalie, have two children, Patrick and Katherine.

Jennifer Sosnowski, A&S '91, received her medical degree and completed her residency at the University of Arizona. She is married to Larry Riddle.

Jennifer Unger, A&S '91, received her PhD in Preventive Medicine from University of Southern California in 1996. She is married to Jeff Hamilton.

Laura Elliott Voelker, Engr '91, and Brian Voelker, A&S '91, write that Brian is the head men's lacrosse coach at the University of Pennsylvania, and Laura works for Pfizer in oncology sales. They have two sons, Jack and Brendan. They recently visited Gretchen Engel Gersten, A&S '91, SPSBE '96 (MS), '01 (MBA), and Keith Gersten, A&S '91, SPSBE '98 (MS), '01 (MBA), in Connecticut for a Maryland crab feast. Also attending were Ross Henshaw, A&S '91, Patrick Russell, A&S '89, and Ian Hobbs, A&S '92.

Paul D. Walker, Engr '91, earned his master's degree and his PhD in electrical engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1992 and 1995, respectively. He and his wife, Maria Jayvee Udarbe, have a daughter, Joanne.

Heather Webb, A&S '91, married J. Scott White on October 9, 2004, and welcomed their first son, Aidan Christopher, in October 2005. Heather has been singing lead in an a cappella quartet and chorus. She also enjoys running in on- and off-road 5K and 10K races.

Ingeborg Schlate Wobig, A&S '91, and her husband, Todd, have three children, Graham, Noelle, and Quinn.


Edward Einhorn, A&S '92, has published two books: The Living House of Oz, a children's book, and The Golem, Methuselah, and Shylock: Plays by Edward Einhorn, a collection of plays about legendary Jewish characters. He continues his work in theater, with an off-Broadway show that he co-wrote and directed, Fairy Tales of the Absurd, and NEUROfest, a festival of plays about neurological conditions, which he is curating with Untitled Theater Co. #61 (

Vlassis Travias, A&S '92 and his wife, Anna, have a new daughter, Sofia Ioana. He writes: "We welcomed her into our lives March 28, 2005, and only recently have come up for air. As an OB/GYN I'm used to being up at night, but nothing can prepare you for the poopy diapers, not even Hopkins." He can be reached at

Randi L. Wells, A&S '92, writes: "I married Ken Sanchez in May 2004, graduated from law school in December 2004, passed the bar in February 2005, moved to Gig Harbor, Washington, in June 2005, and just opened an estate planning and elder law practice in Tacoma, Washington, in July 2005."


Timothy A. Waire Jr., SPSBE '93 (MS), head of IT infrastructure and corporate real estate for Constellation Energy, was featured in the July 15, 2005 edition of CIO Magazine and was the recipient of the magazine's inaugural Ones to Watch Award.


Chris Coppola, Med '94, writes: "My wife, Meredith Coppola, just published her first book, Made a Difference for That One: A Surgeon's Letters Home from Iraq. It is a compilation of the letters and photographs I sent from a deployed hospital north of Baghdad during my deployment. The book has been published to try and raise funds for Fisher House, a home away from home for families of injured soldiers being treated at military hospitals."

Anit Patel, Engr '94, writes: "I finished my residency in otolaryngology in New York and am currently an attending. I recently got married, and my wife, Rebecca, and I now live in Plymouth, Massachusetts."

Rebecca Jo Plant, A&S '94 (MA), '02 (PhD), has been accepted as a 2005-2006 fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. The title of her project is "The Repeal of Mother Love: Momism and the Reconstruction of Motherhood in Philip Wylie's America."


Kevin Scott Blume, A&S '95, writes: "My wife, Teresa Blume, gave birth to our daughter, Leyna Catherine, on July 4, 2005. I am currently attending Duke Law School and expect to receive my JD/LLM in 2006."

Melanie Harris Higgins, A&S '95, SAIS '96, has worked for the State Department as a foreign service officer since 1998. She writes: "In June 2005, I returned to the Washington, D.C., area with my husband, Paul, following our most recent posting to Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. While in Bosnia, I worked as a political adviser at the Office of the High Representative. I am now working as the Thailand desk officer. Now that we are back in the U.S. and in our home in Vienna, Virginia, we are enjoying rediscovering the D.C. area."


Lynlee Altman Engr '96, and her husband, John De-Lillo, welcomed their daughter Leah Sora into the world on July 22, 2005. Leah joined brother Del and sister Elizabeth at home in Cleveland. Altman is currently president of Pinnacle Construction, a commercial construction company.


Michael Dumanis, A&S '97, received his doctorate in English and creative writing from the University of Houston last spring, and is now the resident writer and assistant professor of English at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln. He spent a year co-editing Legitimate Dangers: American Poets of the New Century, an anthology of 85 cutting-edge younger American poets. The collection is available from Sarabande Books and features the work of Hopkins Professor Greg Williamson, among others.

Kevin Erskine, SPSBE '97, recently published The Instant Expert's Guide to Single Malt Scotch. He also writes "The Scotch Blog," a popular whisky industry news and commentary Web site.

Nicholas B. Galifianakis, A&S '97, writes: "Currently, I'm in my second year of residency in neurology at USC in Los Angeles."

Mindy Sherwood, A&S '97 (MA), has joined Hillier Architecture as the firm's new public relations manager. She is the former editor of the Princeton Business Journal and account executive for Hollyrock/Miller Marketing Communications.Milla Tonkonogv, A&S '97, writes: "I recently had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid inthe September 3, 2005, wedding of Mala Puri, A&S '97. Christine Lovely, A&S '97, was also a bridesmaid. In attendance were Jay Fennelly, Engr '97, Mike Weisenfeld, A&S '97, Cheryl (Promise) O'Connor, A&S '97, Christina (Vlattas) Eberly, Engr '98, Farah (Hossain) Kopp, A&S '97, Brian Milch, Engr '97, and Jason Brocks, A&S '97."


Emily Schuster, A&S '98, married David Bauckham on July 17, 2005, in Adelphi, Maryland. The Reverend Sandhya Jha, A&S '98, co-officiated, along with Rabbi David Shneyer. Seema Menon Shah, A&S '98, was a bridesmaid and Allan Massie, Engr '98, played guitar during the couple's first dance. Other Hopkins alumni in attendance included Benedicta Kim, A&S '99, and Maithilee Mitra, Engr '00 (MS).

Cynthia Henry Thurlow, Nurs '98, '01 (MS), and her husband welcomed the birth of their first child, Jackson Henry Thurlow, on August 9, 2005.


Alton Thompson, Peab '99 (DMA), was recently appointed to the music faculty of Tainan Women's College of Arts and Technology to serve as director of chamber ensembles and teacher of conducting. He continues to serve on the faculty at the Chungkuo Technology University in Taipei and is slated to conduct the Taipei Wind Ensemble and NTNU String Orchestra in upcoming concerts.


Meghna Antani, A&S '00, married Scott Lipcon, Engr '00, '05 (MS), on July 17, 2005, in St. James, New York. Vana Alexander, A&S '00, Wade Johannessen, Engr '00, and Mark Nesky, Engr '99, '01 (MS), were in the wedding party. Several Hopkins alumni attended the wedding, including many former members of the JHU Band! We even entered the reception to "Johnny Hopkins!"

Shelley Fairweather, A&S '00, married Matthew Vega during a ceremony attended by friends and family in Boise, Idaho, on June 26, 2005. Hopkins friends and classmates who were there to celebrate included Geoff Gettinger, A&S '98, Erica Preston, A&S '99, John Debes, A&S '99, Alexandra Surcel, A&S '00, Matt Udkovich, A&S '00, Ned Parent, A&S '00, Shooshan Danagoulian, A&S '00, and Tony Hsu, A&S '00. Fairweather is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Russian studies at the University of Washington in Seattle.


Shannon K. Aronin, A&S '01, writes: "My husband, Ed, and I relocated to Austin, Texas, at the end of September, and I have launched my own company, ARO Consulting ( The company provides grant writing, management, and training services to the nonprofit sector."

Christian Lim, Engr '01, writes: "Since graduating from Hopkins, I spent a year in San Francisco before returning to the East Coast to work for Johnson & Johnson in Philadelphia. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2005 with a master's degree in chemical engineering. I married Celia Courtright in Bristow, Virginia, on October 8, 2005. We'll be moving to the Boston area in 2006."


Erin M. Wellner, A&S '02, four-year women's lacrosse player, married Erich Hellmold, A&S '02, four-year football player, on June 12, 2005. Jamie Larrimore, A&S '02, Caroline Miller, A&S '02, and Rachel Krom, A&S '04, all women's lacrosse players, were bridesmaids in the wedding. Many other football and lacrosse players were also in attendance.


Melissa Jean Sky-Eagle, Peab '03 (MM), is a doctor of musical arts candidate at the USC's Thornton School of Music and expects to complete her doctorate in May 2006. She was awarded two major scholarships for the 2005-2006 academic year: a Town and Gown fine arts scholarship, partially funded by actress Sophia Loren, and a doctoral piano performance scholarship from the Thornton School.


John G. Vonglis, SAIS '04, has been appointed acting assistant secretary for financial management and comptroller of the United States Air Force. He has financial oversight of $124 billion in Air Force resources and nearly 700,000 personnel. Vonglis is also a commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserve.


Edward D. Custer, SPSBE '05 (MS), is president of the Beta Chapter of Alpha Iota Mu.

Sarah E. Lewis, A&S '05 (MS), is currently at the University of California, Berkeley, in the doctorate of optometry program.

Sidney D. Smith, SPSBE '05, has degrees in health information systems and radiologic technology. He is registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in magnetic resonance, computed tomography, quality management, and radiography, and he is licensed by the Maryland Board of Physicians as a medical radiation technologist.

Heritage Awards
Recognizing outstanding service to Johns Hopkins University.

Hepatologist H. Franklin Herlong, HS '77, Med '79 (PGF), a longtime School of Medicine faculty member and former associate dean for student affairs, is a five-time recipient of the school's George J. Stuart Teaching Award, a winner of the Department of Medicine House Staff Teaching Award, and a past recipient of both the Professors' Clinical Teaching Award and the Department of Medicine Chairman's Award for Teaching Excellence. An active volunteer in the School of Medicine alumni community, he has served as secretary-treasurer of the Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association for five years and is currently president-elect.

As a Blue Jay, Joseph Cowan, A&S '69, played on three consecutive championship lacrosse teams, earning All- American honors and the prestigious Turnbull Award. He was elected to the Lacrosse Hall of Fame and the Maryland Athletic Hall of Fame. Mr. Cowan has created and endowed a scholarship for lacrosse players and has supported efforts to re-turf the lacrosse field and renovate the weight room. He serves on the Blue Jays Unlimited and Krieger School advisory boards, and he has supported the School of Nursing and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Woodrow Wilson Award
Recognizes distinguished public service

John McLaughlin, Bol '66, SAIS '66, served nearly 30 years at the CIA, rising to the positions of vice chairman for estimates, acting chairman of the National Intelligence Council, deputy director for intelligence, and deputy director of the agency, before becoming acting director in 2004. As deputy director for intelligence, he created the Senior Analytic Service and the Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis, an institution for teaching the history, mission, and essential skills of analysis to new CIA employees.

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