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Now That We're All Here

If you enjoy our cover story about Johns Hopkins physicist Adam Riess, discoverer of so-called "dark energy" ("Chasing the Great Beyond"), thank Michael Anft, the newest member of the Johns Hopkins Magazine staff. Mike is a veteran journalist and award-winning magazine writer. Since starting in this business as a copy boy at the Baltimore News-American when he was 18, he has been a staff or freelance writer for many publications, including Baltimore magazine, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Style, Baltimore's City Paper, and The Washington Post. You've read his byline in the pages of this magazine as well. Though he has experience covering many subjects, he'll focus mostly on science and medicine for us — and as you can see from his stories in this issue, he'll do so with a winning combination of thoughtful, thorough reporting and a highly readable style.

Another announcement: We've recently launched the Johns Hopkins Publishing Group, combining the staffs of the magazine and the nonprofit Alumni Magazine Consortium. The AMC, under Donna Shoemaker's direction for two decades, has offered editing and design services to other colleges and universities. The new group will continue and expand those services, both within and outside Johns Hopkins.

As you can imagine, this is an exciting time for us. As a staff, we're very proud of the publication we've inherited, its 60-year history, and its philosophy. Johns Hopkins Magazine was founded with the idea of offering alumni and other readers not just a continued connection to the institution, but a continued education. Of giving them not just news and announcements, but a substantive, honest account of issues important to the Johns Hopkins community. Most of the time, that means we get to write in-depth stories about engaging people and subjects (the Riess profile, for example). Sometimes, that means forthrightly tackling tough, even divisive topics (see this issue's "Letters" column regarding last November's cover feature, "Necessary Steps"). But if there's one thing we assume about Johns Hopkins alumni, it's that they are smart, sophisticated readers who expect nothing less from us.

And to a person, that's what the members of this staff look forward to providing in the coming year.

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