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Certain Suffixes
By Solomon Golomb '51


1. addiction, benediction, contradiction, interdiction, malediction, prediction, valediction

2. abduction, adduction, conduction, deduction, eduction, induction, introduction, production, reduction, subduction, transduction

3. accommodation, commendation, consolidation, degradation, depredation, elucidation, emendation, fluoridation, foundation, gradation, intimidation, inundation, invalidation, iodation, liquidation, oxidation, predation, recommendation, revalidation, sedation, trepidation, validation

4. addition, condition, edition, erudition, expedition, extradition, perdition, precondition, recondition, rendition, sedition, tradition

* The late great physicist Richard Feynman proposed "postdiction" as the task theoretical physicists endeavor to perform: Given the outcome of an experiment, come up with a theory that will postdict it. So far, this term has not been widely adopted.

** My dictionary lists "obduction" but labels it as obsolete. It lists "unconditional" but not "uncondition."

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