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Genesis Trivia Quiz
By Solomon Golomb '51

Even a serious Bible reader may have trouble answering many of these questions without re-examining the text. Answers must be based on what is actually written in the Book of Genesis, rather than in later interpretive literature.

1. Who is the first man mentioned in Genesis who had two wives, and what were their names?

2. In the direct line from Adam to Noah, how many of these men lived longer than 900 years?

3. How many humans were aboard Noah's ark?

4. What was the name of the trusted servant whom Abraham sent to Haran to find a bride for Isaac?

5. What sets of twins are mentioned by name in Genesis, and who are their parents?

6. Jacob expected to marry Rachel, but discovers he has married her sister Leah. How much later does Jacob marry Rachel?

7. List the 12 sons of Jacob with their respective mothers. (Did he also have any daughters?)

8. What other men in Genesis had 12 sons each, where we are also told the names of the sons?

9. Prior to the generation of Abraham and Sarah (Gen. 11:29) how many women are identified by name? (Can you list them?)

10. Genesis discloses the lifespans of more than 20 men. Does it give us this information about any women?

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