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Contributors to Johns Hopkins Magazine

Mike Ciesielski, freelance photographer
Michael Colopy, wildlife photographer
Mark Lee, freelance photographer
Kevin O'Malley, illustrator
Vince Rodriguez, freelance photographer
Charles Salter Jr., freelance writer

MIKE CIESIELSKI, who photographed William Brody for "The Brody Era Begins", is a freelance photographer in Baltimore. He can be reached by calling 410-235-8274.

MICHAEL COLOPY, who shot this issue's cover as well as most of the photos for "Raptor Rapture", has been passionate about birds since he was 8 years old. Growing up in rural New England, he worked with the Massachusetts Audubon Society in its bluebird restoration efforts, and learned to rehabilitate injured raptors. He also studied falconry with a local expert. The training came in handy, when, as a boarding school student, Colopy rescued a baby kestral (the smallest North American falcon) that had fallen out of its nest cavity. "It was only about 5 days old, so I brought it back to my room and raised it to full maturity," he says. "Then I trained it to hunt, using very traditional falconry rules."
   Colopy's interest in wildlife photography came later, after he had launched a successful international relations career in Washington, D.C. (He's the first non-lawyer to be named partner in a U.S. law firm.) It was during a business trip to northern Afghanistan, armed with his first manual camera, that he captured a shot of a large eagle. "I resolved then and there to combine my passionate interest in wildlife with using this camera," he says.
   Today, when he isn't in Washington or traveling throughout Asia for the international investment company that he owns, Colopy enjoys escaping to his environmentally friendly home that sits on the edge of a marsh on Assateague Island. There he can watch red-breasted Mergansers swim by outside his window, and bald eagles soar by his third floor.
   It's on Assateague that Colopy met up with Bill Seegar and company four years ago. He's been shooting with the team of wildlife biologists ever since.
   Contact Colopy by e-mail at [email protected]).

MARK LEE, who photographed artist Raoul Middleman for "Cultivate Mess," is a freelance photographer living in Baltimore. He can be reached by calling 410-663-3579.

KEVIN O'MALLEY, who did the illustration which appears in "Health & Medicine In Short", is an illustrator living in Baltimore. He can be reached by calling 410-377-4582.

VINCE RODRIGUEZ, who photographed Ejner Johnson for "Ejner's Hope", is a freelance photographer in Baltimore. Visit Vince's website at

CHARLES SALTER JR., who wrote "Ejner's Hope", is a freelance writer living in Baltimore. A 1987 graduate of Vanderbilt University, he spent the past eight years as a feature writer at The News and Observer in Raleigh, North Carolina. He covered a little of everything--the Inauguration, the Superbowl, the American Dance Festival, ACC Basketball, not to mention the National Whistler's Convention-and profiled a variety of subjects, from Michael Jordan to Sadie and Bessie Delany. He has won awards from the Society for Professional Journalists, the American Association of Sunday and Features Editors, and the Associated Press Sports Editors. His work has appeared in Sports Illustrated, Southern Living, the Los Angeles Times, and the Baltimore Sun. He is also a commentator on WJHU-FM's Baltimore Voices. He can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]