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Ejner's Hope
By Dale Keiger

A good place to start for information on Parkinson's disease is "The Parkinson Web," maintained by the department of neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital, http:// Among its links are a primer on the disease, information on signs and symptoms, suggestions about coping with the ailment, and recent research developments. The bibliography link has 15 different subsections; click on "Living With Parkinson's" and you find summaries of six different books.

The National Institutes of Health has what it calls an on- line pamphlet of information on Parkinson's, .The information is much more extensive than the term "pamphlet" might imply. For unaccountable reasons, NIH doesn't include links to other information resources.

The Parkinson's Disease Information Center (PDIC) maintains a web site, It includes information about legislation of interest to people with parkinsonism. You can find information on how to join the on-line Parkinson's Disease Information Exchange Network at The network is an electronic mail subscription system that allows you to post queries and information via e-mail to other subscribers, and in turn read whatever they post.

For those who must care for a Parkinson's patient, the Family Caregiver Alliance maintains a page, The page is exasperatingly slow to load, even on a fast internet connection, but it has much useful information and links to other resources for caregivers.