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Editor: Billie Walker

The Johns Hopkins Alumni Council Celebrating 10 Years
Goals Topped
Bloomberg Gift Will Enhance Other Gifts for Financial Aid
Host Family Program
Alumni Events Include Convocations
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1999 Alumni Travel Program
1999 Reunions and Homecomings

Goals Topped

During Leadership Weekend this fall, the Johns Hopkins Initiative Cup was passed to three more schools that have exceeded their initial campaign goals. Holding the cup, from left, are Herbert Kessler, dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences; Robert Sirota, director of the Peabody Institute; and Edward Miller, the Baker Dean of the School of Medicine. Surrounding them, from left, are trustee Benjamin Griswold IV, campaign chairman for Peabody; trustee Wendell Smith, campaign chairman for Arts and Sciences; Ronald Peterson, president of the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System; and trustee Lenox Baker, outgoing chairman of the National Council for Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Michael Bloomberg is toasted following his announcement at a dinner for Initiative supporters that he will add $45 million to his campaign gift, brining it to $100 million. Of the $45 million, he has designated $30 million for undergraduate and graduate student financial aid.
Bloomberg Gift Will Enhance Other Gifts for Financial Aid

"When you help excellent students who need financial aid come to Hopkins, you are improving the world. Take it from me, Hopkins students are a wonderful investment."

Michael Bloomberg, Engr '64, is eloquent on the need for increased student aid at Hopkins. To show his commitment, Mr. Bloomberg, chairman of the Board of Trustees, raised his pledge to the Johns Hopkins Initiative campaign to a total of $100 million, including $30 million for scholarships and fellowships throughout the divisions.

A large portion of the $30 million will go to work this fall for freshman entering the Whiting School of Engineering and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences (see story, page 50). But through the Bloomberg Challenge, within each of the University's divisions Mr. Bloomberg's funds are being used to add to the value of commitments for student aid endowment from other alumni and friends.

The Bloomberg Challenge may immediately activate gifts and pledges for endowed undergraduate scholarships in four divisions. The Challenge provides an immediate scholarship award equivalent to the annual income the endowed fund eventually will generate (i.e., after it is fully funded and has been invested for a year). Generally, an annual scholarship award equals 5% of the endowed fund's principal.

Gifts or pledges for graduate-level scholarships and fellowships may qualify for a direct match from Bloomberg Challenge Funds, generally 50% or 100% of the donor's commitment. For further information, call your divisional development office or 410-516-6321.

Host Family Program

Ashley Bourland, a freshman engineering student from Massachusetts, is made welcome in Baltimore by her host family, Clarke Tankersley, Engr '57, and his wife, Chris. Funded through Alumni Association dues and open to students in all divisions, the program is rewarding for students and hosts alike. But host families are needed, since "there aren't enough of them to meet the demand from students," according to Marguerite Ingalls Jones, coordinator of the program. To participate, call 410-516-0363.

Alumni Events Include Convocations

5 Washington, D.C., Young Alumni Mid-Winter Party
16 No. Carolina Chapter Dinner
18 So. Carolina Chapter Dinner
18 Los Angeles Young Alumni Happy Hour
20 Baltimore Chapter Mid-Winter Ball
22 New York Chapter--Dinner and beer tasting
10 San Diego Chapter Dinner
10 Boston Alumni Reception for President Brody
20 Johns Hopkins Convocation in Burbank, California
21 Johns Hopkins Convocation in San Francisco
22-25 Homecoming at Homewood and SCS
24 Johns Hopkins Convocation in Baltimore
4-5 School of Nursing Homecoming
10-12 Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association Biennial Meeting

Record Watch

The Homewood Class of 1949 has set a record-breaking goal of $2 million for its reunion gift as it gears up for its 50th reunion in April. The fund is earmarked for undergraduate scholarships in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering. More than $1.1 million had been raised as of last fall.

Web Services

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  • Chapter news
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  • Alumni Travel Program
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  • Alumni Career Network
  • Host Family Program
  • Alumni Association membership
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    1999 Reunions and Homecomings

    The 1999 undergraduate reunion classes (class years ending in "4" and "9") from the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering will be celebrating their reunions over one Homecoming weekend next spring. This is a change from the past five years when reunion classes have returned to Homewood over two separate weekends.

    At the School of Public Health, individual departments are holding alumni celebrations throughout the academic year. Divisions holding reunion or Homecoming events in 1999 are as follows:

    Homewood Schools--Arts & Sciences and Engineering: April 22-25
    Information: 410-516-8722

    Medicine--Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association Biennial Meeting: June 10-12
    Information: 410-955-8552

    Public Health--W. Harry Feinstone Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology Naming Ceremony and MMI Alumni Cele- bration: April 9-10
    Information: 410-955-5194

    Continuing Studies--April 22-25
    Information: 410-516-7188

    Nursing--June 4-5
    Information: 410-955-4285

    SAIS, Bologna--May 7-9