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Editor: Billie Walker

Fifty Years Ago
Fritz Schroeder Directs Both Alumni Relations, Annual Giving
Recent Grads Get New Name
Spring Alumni Events
Army ROTC Plans Homecoming Festivities
Don't Miss Reunion, Homecoming Festivities!
Travel Program Offers Variety

50th Reunion Celebration

Fifty years ago... these young men graduated from the arts and sciences and engineering curriculum at Homewood. Today they are leading their 50th reunion celebration. Do you recognize them? Hats off to: (top row, from left) George L. Becker Jr., A. Hamilton Bishop III, Lloyd M. Bunting Jr., Warren Emery Dederick, (bottom row, from left) Charles A. Nicodemus, Justin Anthony Vitrano, Walter Edgar Woodford Jr., and Robert E. Zadek.

Fritz Schroeder Directs Both Alumni Relations, Annual Giving

Fritz Schroeder, director of annual giving, has been appointed to head the alumni relations office as well. His new title is executive director of alumni relations and annual programs.

In making the announcement, Robert Lindgren, vice president for development and alumni relations, said, "Fritz Schroeder is a natural choice to direct alumni relations. During his four years as director of annual giving, he has shown a remarkable understanding of our alumni and an outstanding ability to motivate both staff and volunteers. His leadership will benefit both offices, each of which plays a crucial role with our alumni."

Recent Grads Get New Name

Agreeing that the term "young alumni" may have outgrown its usefulness, the Alumni Council has created a new moniker for recent graduates, regardless of age.

With graduates of the last ten years making up as much as one third of alumni in some metropolitan chapters, "Graduates of the Last Decade," or "G.O.L.D.," is an increasingly significant group.

From New York City to Seattle, G.O.L.D. members have been gathering in force to network, socialize, and reconnect with Hopkins. Events include informal happy hours, cocktail parties, and outdoor activities.

Almost all major metropolitan chapters have taken steps to encourage more involvement by G.O.L.D. members in both planning and events. New York City and Washington, D.C., chapters have found that events aimed at G.O.L.D. are some of the most successful activities, with more than 150 alumni attending.

Recent grads, watch for G.O.L.D. announcements in your area!

Spring Alumni Events

1 New York Chapter--Culinary Institute of America luncheon
6 Baltimore Chapter--G.O.L.D. Maryland film industry seminar
13 Atlanta Chapter--Dinner
13 Northern California Chapter--G.O.L.D. Happy Hour
13 North Carolina Chapter--Dinner
14 Baltimore Chapter--4th Annual Moonlight Cruise
14 South Carolina Chapter--Dinner
20 Boston Chapter--G.O.L.D. Happy Hour
27-30 Homecoming at Homewood--Reunion 2000
28-29 SPH--Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Reunion
5 Peabody Homecoming--Baltimore
12-14 Bologna Center Reunion--Bologna
17 New York Chapter--G.O.L.D. Happy Hour
3 Baltimore Chapter--G.O.L.D. Day at the Races
9-10 School of Nursing Reunion--Baltimore
11 Baltimore and D.C. Chapters--Day at Camden Yards
21 New York Chapter--G.O.L.D. Happy Hour

For further information, click on or phone 410-516-0363 or 800-548 5481.

Calling All Cadets: Army ROTC Plans Homecoming Festivities

It is 6:45 a.m. on a Monday. The sky above the Homewood campus is dark. Faculty and staff are still at home, waiting for the coffee maker to kick in. Most students are fast asleep in the dorms. But out on the lacrosse field, 90 undergraduates lie face-down on the dew-damp astroturf. "Up, down..." calls a third-year cadet leading the corps in its morning push ups. As the sky lightens at the edge of the horizon, the cadets set off for their three-mile run. Although they might not be thinking about history, these students stand in a long line of cadets that stretches back almost to Johns Hopkins' beginnings.

Founded in 1916, the Hopkins ROTC program has sent more than 3,000 men and women to the Army. Of that number, only 741 are accounted for in the ROTC Alumni Association data base. While membership in the JHU Alumni Association automatically enrolls former corps members into the ROTC Alumni Association, first the members must identify themselves as former cadets.

Cadets in a huddle, 1940.

"We would like to make this the year that Hopkins' Army ROTC re-establishes itself as a contributing member of the Alumni Association," says Lt.Col. Charles Roller, director of military science. "We want the ROTC Alumni Association to fufill its potential as a great network, providing mentors, guest speakers, and becoming an advocate for Hopkins."

Renewed interest in promoting the Alumni Association coincides with the corps' unprecedented national rankings. In 1999, the program was ranked third of 270. It also earned the Commanding General's Award for Excellence in Training, an honor bestowed on only a handful of schools, including MIT, Princeton, and Duke. Hopkins' high rankings, Roller insists, are due to the quality of its students. Take, for instance, Joshua Mitchell, Engr 2000, a biomedical engineering major. This year, he was selected as the top cadet in the nation to be commissioned into the Army's Field Artillery branch.

As part of ROTC's master plan to attract graduates to its Alumni Association, during Homecoming weekend it will host an open house on Saturday, April 29; offer rappel and Pershing Rifle Drill Team demonstrations; and host a Cadet/Alumni Mixer directly following the lacrosse game, where gray-haired retired colonels will swap stories with fresh-faced cadets. The mixer will feature announcement of the recipients of Distinguished Military Alumni Awards and their induction onto the Wall of Fame, as well as exhibition of a photo album of the corps' history at Hopkins, to be titled "Hopkins ROTC: A Tradition of Leadership Excellence."

Because the ROTC cadre hopes to add new names to the Wall of Fame each year at Homecoming, nominations will be accepted year-round. The Wall of Fame, which celebrates particularly accomplished ROTC alumni, now features Maj. Gen. Albert H. Smith, A&S '40, and Brig. Gen. James Shufelt, A&S '55. General Smith fought eight campaigns during WWII, including the invasions of North Africa and Normandy, and served in three combat campaigns during the Vietnam War. General Shufelt served in the Air Defense Artillery and likewise served combat tours in Vietnam.

Of the Wall of Fame, Lt. Col. Roller says, "We're not limiting this honor to ROTC alumni who have made the military their career. Many cadets," he explains, "stay in the army for just a few years, honing valuable leadership skills, and go on to put their military leadership experience to good use in business, medicine, and law. We want to honor their achievements as well."

Fall In!
ROTC Homecoming Highlights

  • Open house, noon to 8 p.m.
  • Pershing Rifle drill team demonstration, half-time of the lacrosse game
  • Rappel demonstrations, during open house
  • Cadet/Alumni Mixer, immediately following the lacrosse game, at Drill Hall. Food, drink, and good company. All alumni and family invited to attend. ROTC graduates encouraged to bring ROTC memorabilia!
  • Induction of Distinguished Military Alumni onto Wall of Fame, during Cadet/Alumni Mixer

  • Don't Miss Reunion, Homecoming Festivities!

    In April, the year 2000 reunion classes from the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering (class years ending in 5 and 0) will celebrate their reunions during Homecoming weekend. Peabody, the School of Nursing, the School of Professional Studies in Business and Education, and the Bologna Center will also have homecoming or reunion events, and departmental reunions are being held at the School of Public Health.

    Meeting at Steinwald Alumni House to discuss plans for their 40th class reunion are members of Homewood's Class of 1960. Standing, from left, are Wally Orlinsky, Jim Plowden, Larry Becker, and Bill Sweeney. Seated, from left, are Bob Brannan, Bob Hillman, and Mace Miyasaki.

    Arts and Sciences and Engineering
    April 27-30

    Bologna Center
    May 12-14

    June 9-10

    May 5-7

    Public Health
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
    April 28-29

    April 27-30

    Travel Program Offers Variety

    For more information on any of the following, call 1-800-548-5481 or 410-516-0363 or e-mail [email protected].

    Village Life in Dordogne, France, with history professor Orest Ranum
    May 27 - June 4

    Alumni College in Sorrento, Italy, June 5 - 13
    (Sold out)

    Alumni College in Provence, France, June 13 - 21
    (Sold out)

    China and the Yangtse River, with political science professor and associate dean Stephen David
    June 17 - July 4

    Alumni College in Evora, Portugal
    July 3 - 11

    Alaska Family Program
    July 14 - 23

    Exploring Siam, Java, Bali, and Spice Islands
    July 23 - Aug. 9

    Alumni College in Kinsale, Ireland
    July 30 - Aug. 7

    Round the World by Private Luxury Jet (Kona, Kyoto, Xian, Beijing, Delhi, Kenya, Istanbul, London)
    Sept. 16 - Oct. 8

    Great Pacific Northwest
    Sept. 25 - Oct. 3

    Egypt and Jordan by Private Plane, with Near Eastern studies professor Betsy Bryan
    Oct. 3 - 17